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Best Condenser Tumble Dryers

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Condenser tumble dryers can be a lifesaver at times – especially when the unpredictable British weather takes a turn for the worse and you cannot get your laundry out on the line to dry naturally.

We also have to take into consideration putting the heating on for too long just to dry a load of washing. This is not only bad for our pocket by having to leave the heating on for a few extra hours, but it can also be harmful to our health, especially for those that suffer from breathing difficulties. Having excess moisture from wet clothes could play havoc for asthma sufferers.

So, what can we do about these problems? That’s why you’re here isn’t it – to find a solution. And what better solution than a condenser tumble dryer. Confused? At the end of the article I look a little deeper into what these appliances are and what they have to offer.

But for now, let’s take a look now at some of the best condenser tumble dryers on the market today.

Hisense DCGE801 Condenser Tumble Dryer

dryer with white door, dial and led screen


Dimensions: 85cm (h) x 66cm(w) x 62.5cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 8kg

Colour: White

Programmes: 16

First up we have a tumble dryer from a brand that is becoming a more and more popular household name – Hisense. The company was founded in 1994 in China and now produce appliances worldwide, from mobile phones, to televisions, to washing machines. But let’s look at the Hisense Condenser Tumble Dryer.

It is white in colour, and you will notice the drum door is also completely white. You do get the option to purchase it in black or with a 9kg drum, obviously at a higher price, but the choice is there which is good to know.

On the top panel you have the dial with every programme clearly labelled, so you know exactly which cycle you are putting on when you turn the dial.

To the left of the dial is the tank drawer (a bit like a washing machine drawer where your powder would go). You simply pull this out when it is full, you empty it, and replace. And to the right of the dial you have an LED screen – everything is user friendly which is exactly what you want when doing the household chores.

The drum door opens 180° which means you will have no problem loading and unloading your laundry. Hisense really have made this tumble dryer as easy as possible to use.

Onto the features and programmes now. Let’s face it, we all love to know we are getting something brilliant for our money – and why not, we are spending our hard earned cash so we want something that will last and do the job to show for it.

Some useful features include Air Refresh, allowing you to freshen up your clothes between washes. Some garments are not always ready for the wash after one wear but may need odours removing or simply to feel a little bit fresher. This feature lets you do just that in 30 minutes.

You also get start delay, to dry your clothes at the most convenient time for you, as well as gentle care, and three drying levels.

Programmes you get include baby care, delicates, iron, and 30° dry. There’s a lot to choose from so you will always have just the right care for your clothes while they are drying.

Best Overall Choice

dryer with white door, dial and led screen

We really like this condenser dryer and would suggest you put it on your shortlist. It is at the higher end of the price list, but we can see why.

You get a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind from Hisense, along with all the programmes and features this tumble dryer is a serious contender.

Hoover HLEC8LG Condenser Tumble Dryer

condenser dryer showing drum door and control features


Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 8kg

Colour: White

Programmes: 15

Now we have a condenser tumble dryer from Hoover – a company that have been around since 1908, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two.

This dryer is one of the cheaper options on our list, although you do have choices of larger drum capacities and different colours which will take the price up a little. You also have varied delivery options too such as unpack in room of choice or unpack, de-install and appliance collection. Again, these will have an extra fee, so we have opted for standard delivery of the appliance in white with an 8kg drum.

The 8kg drum would be ideal for a medium sized family. Maybe you just like your towels to have the added softness that you just can’t get from drying them on a clothes horse, whatever the reason, this is a great choice.

Aesthetics wise – it looks similar to a washing machine, as you’d expect with most tumble dryers. The drum door is transparent with the handle on the side of the door for easy opening.

Above the door you will see the settings clearly marked, with the dial in the middle – simply turn it to your selected cycle. You get 15 programmes to choose from. These include rapid 45 minute, jeans, whites, small load, and darks and coloured. You also have an LED display screen so you can see how long is left on your chosen cycle.

With so many to choose from, you will be able to dry all of your laundry. There really is a cycle for every garment you own.

The Hoover tumble dryer has a useful feature called sensor drying which cleverly detects the amount of moisture in each load and automatically adjusts the setting to accommodate this, meaning when the laundry is dry the cycle will stop, thus saving you time and money.

The removable tank is at the bottom of the dryer and is accessed by removing the large panel.

Ideal Choice For Energy Saving

condenser dryer showing drum door and control features

Hoover give us a brilliant condenser tumble dryer for a medium sized family, that will keep your laundry soft and dry.

With a variety of cycles, you will be able to dry all of your laundry with minimal effort.

This is a great tumble dryer at a great price.

Russell Hobbs RH8CTD701B Condenser Dryer

dryer in black with black drum door


Dimensions: 84.5cm(h) x 59.7cm(w) x 55.7cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 8kg

Colour: Black

Programmes: 15

A name that you will no doubt have come across at some point in your life – Russell Hobbs. Founded in 1952, they made the first electric coffee percolator and have gone on to produce bread makers, irons, toasters, just to name a few. So we’re sure their condenser tumble dryer will live up to its popular reputation – let’s find out more.

We’ve chosen black in colour, although you can also purchase it in white which will lower the price a little. But we know everyone has different styles and tastes – I for one have just changed all my larger goods in my kitchen to black after recently decorating. It’s good to have the choice though.

It is another 8kg drum capacity which is ideal for most households. Just be sure not to cram too many garments in at once otherwise you won’t get the maximum benefit from the drying cycle.

The drum door is black too, so you cannot see inside like you can with others – this isn’t such a bad thing though. Keeping your washing/drying hidden out of sight makes things seem less cluttered or messy somehow.

On the front of the dryer you get a dial with the easy to read programmes, as well as an LED digital display screen, making this appliance relatively simple to use.

You also get a few useful features such as child lock which is perfect for ‘helping’ hands, a filter and tank indicator notifying you when it’s time to clean your filter and empty the tank. Sensor drying gives you peace of mind that you are not using unnecessary electricity because it will stop when it detects the laundry is dry. A time delay feature allows you to start your cycle at any hour of the day and you can run it at a time that is most convenient and cheapest for you.

You get 15 programmes which include duvet, delicate, cotton, and a quick setting, as well as 2 heat settings.

Recommended For Quietness

dryer in black with black drum door

The Russell Hobbs condenser dryer really will do it all for you. With a noise level of 69dB it will not be too noisy as you go about your day-to-day activities.

As the cheapest on our list today, you really do get a great appliance for your money and it is well worth putting it on your shortlist.

Candy CSOEC10DCGR0 Condenser Tumble Dryer

graphite tumble dryer with led screen and dial


Dimensions: 89cm(h) x 65cm(w) x 62cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 10kg

Colour: Graphite

Programmes: 14

Next up we give you a tumble dryer from Candy, another reputable brand that was founded in 1945 when they made the first Italian washing machine, and it has gone from strength to strength with its continuity of well-made products.

The tumble dryer has a larger drum capacity – at 10kg it will be perfect for larger households or those who do not have access to a garden for line drying.

You will notice the look of this model – it is modern, sleek and the graphite really does make the quality of this dryer stand out.  In the centre of the appliance you have the drum door which is transparent with a chrome outline – enhancing its sleek look.

Above the door you’ll find the LED display screen and to the right is the dial for choosing your programme, of which there are 14.

At the bottom of the dryer you will find the compartment for the tank, which is easily accessed when you lower the panel and unscrew the lid. Thanks to these particular dryers you do not need to use a pipe and are able to place it in any room, easily emptying the full tank when required.

For our techy friends – you can also connect to the Candy app where you can download extra programmes, run diagnostic checks to ensure your machine is working to full capacity, as well as monitor the cycle you are using so you know how long you have left until it has ended.

This is another machine that has the sensor drying technology – we all love the thought of saving money and time, but to actually get an appliance to help with both of these is brilliant.

Perfect For The Modern Home

graphite tumble dryer with led screen and dial

The Candy tumble dryer sits in the middle of our price range and we can see why, with some clever features and using modern technology, this really is an appliance that anyone can use.

Its looks are a big plus too – its sleek, will fit well into most households and thanks to be a condenser dryer, it can be placed in the best place for your home and needs.

White Knight Condenser Tumble Dryer

front view of tumble dryer in black


Dimensions: 84.5cm(h) x 59.6cm(w) x 61cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 8kg

Colour: Black

Programmes: 15

Onto a lesser-known brand now – White Knight. This tumble dryer is black with a front facing door that is smoked black, giving a little edge to an otherwise everyday appliance.

We’ll start with the features and programmes because there are quite a few and some really great ones at that.

We like the reverse tumble action which allows the laundry to dry evenly, as well as a drum light and a large door for easy access.

Other features include child lock, delay start, and anti-crease option at the end of the cycle (less creases means less ironing – what a lovely thought!).

You also get the benefit of indicators to let you know when the drain bottle is full, when the filter needs cleaning and for the clean heat exchanger.

The controls are easy to navigate – like most on this list you have to use the dial to select which programme you need. There is an LED screen which displays how long you have left and also allows you to choose the drying level, delay start, and anti-crease by the quick press of a button. You will also find the start/pause button here too.

To the left of the dial you will find the water tank, which is so useful to be at the top of the machine rather than the bottom. It makes it more accessible to empty and the drawer will simply pull out and slide back in with ease.

The programmes include express, delicate, extra dry, duvet, and lots more – you really do get so much from this tumble dryer.

You also get the option to plumb it into the drain so it will empty directly to your drain. This is ideal if you move home and find you have the space for it somewhere else. Or maybe you extend your current property and have room for it in your new utility room – it’s just nice to have the option there if it becomes needed.

Best Choice For Ease Of Use

front view of tumble dryer in black

Although the name is less well known to us, we are confident enough that White Knight have given us a great condenser tumble dryer here.

You get a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind and with the amount of heat settings and programmes you get, it is a worthy contender for your shortlist.

Bosch WTN83201GB Condenser Tumble Dryer

tumble dryer with open drum door


Dimensions: 84.2cm(h) x 59.8cm(w) x 59.9cm(d)

Energy Efficiency: B

Capacity: 8kg

Colour: White

Programmes: 16

Lastly, but by no means least, we have a condenser tumble dryer from Bosch. A German company who have been around since 1886, producing and distributing appliances worldwide.

Being our most expensive on the list, let’s delve a little deeper and see why it holds such a price tag.

We have another white tumble dryer with a completely white drum door – these seem to be quite popular and we understand why. There is a large handle on the side of the door for easy opening and with a wide opening door it makes loading and unloading your laundry a much simpler task.

With a drum capacity of 8kg, this is more than enough space for most households, meaning you will get a decent amount of laundry dry in one cycle and avoid rising electricity costs because of constantly using the dryer.

The structure of the machine means it will be quiet while in use. Thanks to the anti-vibration design it has more stability and will be less like to vibrate on even the fastest cycle.

Onto the controls now. On the top panel you will find the dial with each programme set out, so you know which one to select for your garments.

There’s a lot to choose from so you know that you have something for most, if not all items of clothing. Programmes include sportswear, allergy plus, delicates, and super quick. At the very top of the dial it says off, so when its not in use you can keep the dial turned to this and it will only turn on when you move the dial to your required programme.

To the right of the dial you will see the LED display screen. This allows you to see how long is left on your cycle, as well as the 24-hour timer delay, and special functions. You do get some great features too – including child lock, reduced ironing, and low heat.

One of its really useful features is the AutoDry technology that allows the drying time to be adjusted for each load. By using clever sensors, it means your clothes will not be at risk of over heating which could damage the fabrics.

On the other side of the dial is the drawer where you can empty the tank. Similar to a washing machine drawer, you simply pull it open with the handle, empty, and replace it. This is ideal for those who may not be able to bend down to empty a tank positioned at the bottom of a tumble dryer.

Great For Protecting Fabrics

tumble dryer with open drum door

If you can afford the slightly higher price tag then you’d be wise to give the Bosch tumble dryer some serious consideration.

With its great features, quiet design and variety of programmes, we really like this model and we’re confident you will too.

What is a condenser tumble dryer?

An appliance that looks similar to a washing machine that will leave your clothes dry and smelling as fresh as when they came out of your washer. Taking all the moisture out of your laundry while keeping them soft and cared for.

How does a condenser tumble dryer work?

Your dryer will condense warm air from your clothes into water, which will then be collected and stored in a container within the tumble dryer. When the cycle has finished, you simply empty the water, leaving you with dry laundry.

A condenser tumble dryer uses 2 separate air flows to remove the humidity and moisture from your clothes. It works by re-circulating the air inside the machine, which is heated and passed through the laundry and collects the moisture.

But why 2 air flows we hear you ask – well simply put, the damp air is passed through the condenser dryer in one direction, while the room air is passed through in the other direction. The result? The moisture in the air condenses into water and is pumped into the tank. When the tank is full, you simply empty the water and replace it.

On the tumble dryer you will find a compartment for the lint filter – it is normally found at the bottom. This will need emptying and cleaning (we’d recommend after every one or two cycles) in order for the air to escape and avoid the dryer overheating.

Regular maintenance of your tumble dryer will ensure that you have a long lasting appliance that takes care of your garments, towels, bedding, and any other laundry you need to dry.

Condenser dryer or Vented dryer?

Condenser and vented dryers both have the same goal in mind – to dry your laundry. But there is one main difference. A vented dryer has a hose which is where the moisture and water from your laundry goes. This needs to be placed near a window or door to allow the water to escape. Whereas a condenser dryer collects the water inside a compartment within the machine.

If you want the option to move your dryer if needed or you are limited on space and access to a window, for example, if you live in a flat, then the condenser option is ideal. However if you know your dryer will be in a fixed position and you have window access, a vented dryer will do just fine.

Benefits of using a condenser tumble dryer

  • Gentle on clothes – keeping them soft and maintaining their shape
  • Easy installation – the dryer can be placed anywhere in your home
  • Convenient – when you can’t get your clothes outside to dry or you’re worried they will not dry properly on a clothes horse, a tumble dryer is the perfect solution


We’ve given you the six best condenser tumble dryers currently on the market. They all have similar features, looks, and certainly have the same goal in mind – to dry your laundry while protecting the fabrics of your laundry and the electricity bills.

If you are on a budget, we’d suggest the Russell Hobbs tumble dryer, with such a well known brand giving you an appliance with a variety of programmes, we don’t think you can go wrong there. However if you want to splash out a little bit more and benefit from a few extras then the Bosch tumble dryer has you covered.

Whichever choice you make, we hope we have given you enough advice to help you on your way to investing in a new appliance that will be most suitable for your family and household, so you don’t have to rely on the good old British weather or worry about rising heating bills just to dry a load of washing.

We at Washing Check pride ourselves on delivering the most up to date products and giving you as much knowledge as we can in order to help you have a more pleasant and straightforward experience when carrying out the household chores.

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Meet our reviewer – Michelle Vernon

Michelle is one of the lead writers at Washing Check and also holds an editor role. She is a busy parent who understands the needs of daily domestic life and the challenges it can bring.

She genuinely loves cleaning products and equipment, which although is quite strange to many, is a blessing to us here at Washing Check.