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Best Cordless Irons

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iron and shirt on ironing board

When you think of purchasing an iron there are probably a few important questions running through your mind. Does it have a steam function? Will it iron different materials? Am I going to have room to store it away? But a couple of questions that might get overlooked are where will I plug the iron in? And will the cord be long enough to reach my ironing board safely?

With this in mind, what better solution can we offer than a cordless iron. An invention that will give you the freedom to operate it in any room, along with easier movement around your ironing board for a quick and efficient result.

What is a cordless iron?

Much like a corded iron, a cordless one will heat up and enable you to remove creases from your clothes with ease. It has multiple functions that allow you to change the temperature according to your clothing material, as well as steam and water settings. They look very similar in shape, with the only real difference being the docking base or stand. This is where the power originates from – when the base is plugged in and the iron is placed on, it will give it the charge it needs to complete the ironing you have probably been putting off for the last week! Instead of continuous heat coming from the iron like you would get from a corded one, you have to place the iron back on the stand for it to heat up again, but this doesn’t take long and can be done in between putting clothes away and getting your next piece ready for ironing.

Benefits of using a cordless iron

  • Your ironing board can be placed in any room for your convenience
  • A safer option thanks to the risk of tangled cords being eliminated
  • Some cordless irons are easier to handle as they weigh less than a standard corded one
  • There are no restrictions of short cables stopping you from using the complete length of your ironing board

Cordless Vs Corded Irons

The obvious difference between the two types of iron is the cord, or lack of – most of us will have been using a corded iron for a long time but the limitations with a cord can start to annoy you after a while, whereas the cordless option just gives you so much more scope to move freely around the ironing board, or completely up everything and move to an entirely different room.

A cordless iron may not be for everyone – but considering the fact you’ve reached this far in our article; we’d say you’re interested. There are a lot of cordless options available at this current time and that’s why we’re here – to help you choose the most suitable one for you. They can do all of the things that a corded iron would, although you may choose the corded variation if you prefer the constant heat source, or if you want a higher steam output. But let’s not get distracted from why you’re really here and crack on with showing you the best cordless irons on the market in 2023.

Morphy Richards Cordless Steam Iron

red cordless iron on charging stand


Dimensions: 34cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 18cm(H)

Weight: 1.7kg

Voltage: 240

Wattage: 2400

Colour: Red

First up we have a brand that has been around since 1936 – Morphy Richards established in Kent and are now known worldwide for their vast array of electrical items. The Morphy Richards 303250 is just another example of their brilliant craftsmanship.

Let’s start with the stand – a circular base that looks a little similar to what your kettle would sit on. Plug this into your wall socket and when the iron is docked it will initially heat up in as little as 45 seconds. Following that, during your ironing schedule you can reheat the iron in 25 seconds, placing it on the base in any direction thanks to its 360° stand. We’d suggest placing the stand on a flat surface rather than your ironing board, just for peace of mind because it can take a while to get used to a cordless iron if you have previously owned a corded version. The cord is 2.5 metres long so you shouldn’t have any problem getting it to reach a socket.

The iron itself is red and black and the handle makes it easy to grip as you glide it over your garments. Being lightweight makes manoeuvring the iron an easy task. This is useful if you don’t particularly like the ironing!

Top Overall Choice

red cordless iron on charging stand

Sitting at around the middle mark of our price range, we’ve given you a great cordless iron from Morphy Richards to begin our list.

An iron that can do all the things you’d expect from a corded one, but you get more freedom from an easy-to-use appliance that will make the ironing seem less of a painstaking task and all at a fair price.

Beldray 2 in 1 Steam Iron

beldray iron on base in front of ironing pile


Dimensions: 30cm(L) x 16cm(W) x 27cm(H)

Weight: 2.02kg

Voltage: 220

Wattage: 2600

Colour: Black and rose gold

Something a little bit different now and although we are predominantly looking at cordless irons, we couldn’t let this one go by without showing you. A 2 in 1 iron which gives you the option to use it both cordless and corded with just the flick of a switch. So let’s start there – the curved base, which will cradle the iron as you slide it into place, looks sleek and stylish because of its black glossy appearance. There is a switch at the bottom of the base which can be flicked either way for corded or cordless use.

When the iron is placed on the base it will heat up within 25 seconds and there is even a 5 second recharge that will allow you to work through your laundry a lot quicker. The cord is 1.9m so keep that in mind if you wanted to try it corded, but we think once you try the lightweight iron as a cordless device you’ll definitely enjoy the benefits.

The iron has a ceramic soleplate in rose gold, giving it a modern touch. The handle is easy to hold while using, with the water and steam buttons just above for easy access. The water tank is located at the top of the iron, holding up to 300ml which is a good amount to power through your laundry pile while still being able to smooth out the creases on thicker fabrics.

The dial underneath the handle, like most on this list, will let you control the temperature depending on the type of fabric you are ironing. Using the iron cordless means you can iron larger items without having to drape them all over the ironing board. For example, simply flick the switch to cordless and glide the iron over your bedding for smooth crisp sheets.

Features such as anti-drip, which stops any unwanted leaks and water spots appearing on your clothes, as well as a self-cleaning function that stops limescale from forming only enhance this already brilliant appliance.

Ideal Choice For Diversity

beldray iron on base in front of ironing pile

We are not surprised that the Beldray has a higher price tag, though justifiable.

You only have to look at it to know it is a quality piece of kit with useful functions that will make the ironing a breeze.

Tower CeraGlide Cordless Iron

purple iron next to charging stand


Dimensions: 11cm(L) x 31cm(W) x 16cm(H)

Weight: 2.65lb

Voltage: 240

Wattage: 2400

Colour: Purple

From establishing in 1912 as Tower and then Russell Hobbs taking ownership the brand have grown from strength to strength and produced some really good electrical appliances, so let’s see how their cordless iron holds up.

Personally, I love the colour purple so the appearance is already ticking the right boxes for me! But what you’ll see as well is the Tower iron is a sleek looking model which is lightweight and easy to hold. There is a 360ml tank which can be filled using the little hatch at the top of the iron, and there’s a max level line at the side to make sure you don’t overfill it. You will get continuous steam and can also have steam boosts by pushing the button above the handle, along with being able to spray water using the other button in the same way.

The ceramic CeraGlide soleplate makes for easier ironing because you will be able to glide the plate over your garments without risk of snagging materials and resulting in smooth, crease free clothing.

This is another one that can be used either corded or cordless and we think it’s just nice to have the option there. Maybe you are in a rush and only have one item of clothing to iron before a last-minute day out, for this there isn’t any harm in using it corded. But if you have a lot of ironing or really don’t like the thought of getting tangled up with cords then we’d suggest the cordless option. It is simple to change between the two by flicking the switch to detach the iron and then replacing it when you’re done.

You can heat up the iron to full temperature in 30 seconds and then in between garments, place the iron of the stand and it will recharge in 15 seconds, so by the time you have placed your next piece of clothing on the ironing board it will be ready to do its job.

Other features include a temperature dial for differing materials, anti-drip to keep water marks off your clothes, and anti-calc which protects from any limescale build up, along with a self-cleaning function at the touch of a button.

Great Budget Option

purple iron next to charging stand

As one of the cheaper priced irons on the list you really are getting a bargain for the Tower CeraGlide. It comes with a 1-year guarantee as standard, with the option to extend for 2 further years upon product registration.

If you’re still not sure whether to go completely cordless, for the price we’d recommend this 2 in 1 choice.

Russell Hobbs Cordless Iron

female using cordless iron


Dimensions: 35.5cm(L) x 15.8cm(W) x 10.9cm(H)

Weight: 1.8kg

Voltage: 260

Wattage: 2600

Colour: Blue and white

Russell Hobbs are known worldwide for their gadgets and appliances, with their cordless iron being one of them. The 26020 model has a nice look to it, with its blue and white colour giving it a crisp finish. The base is circular and compact enough to fit onto your ironing board, and with its 1.9m cord length it will reach most power points easily.

The handle is big enough to hold comfortably while ironing, with the buttons for a boost of steam or spray of water sitting just at the top, making them easy to operate. Moving along you’ll see the opening for the water tank, where you can fill up to 350ml – this is ideal when you have a lot of clothes that require a few sprays here and there because you won’t have to stop too many times to refill it.

Now one thing you will probably notice is that it doesn’t have a dial to alter the temperature depending on what garments you’re ironing. This is because Russell Hobbs have developed an iron with one temperature technology which claims it can iron all your laundry items using one safe temperature. This is a bold claim and would definitely let you whizz through the ironing pile!

The iron fits nicely onto the base in a standing position. Your initial charge is rapid and then in between ironing you can place the iron back on the stand to get a recharge within just 6 seconds.

Further features include a light to indicate when you need to recharge it, continuous steam as well as a 210g steam shot to soften clothes for easier ironing, anti-drip function, anti-scale system, and auto shut off to prevent any accidents.

Best Choice For Larger Ironing Piles

female using cordless iron

Boasting a lot of really useful features, we can see why the Russell Hobbs Cordless Iron has one of the more expensive price tags on our list.

If you are willing to pay that little bit extra, you certainly won’t regret it and will probably enjoy the ironing a lot more with such a smart appliance.

Tefal Freemove Air Cordless Iron

side view of tefal iron on base


Dimensions: 27cm(L) x 12cm(W) x 14.5cm(H)

Weight: 3.75lb

Voltage: 240

Wattage: 2400

Colour: White and blue

Onto the last one on our list now, from Tefal – founded in 1954 and giving us their lightest cordless iron. The white and blue colour scheme gives it a fresh look with all the features being well set out so they are easily accessible while in use. The handle is easy to grip, and like most on this list, the steam boost and water spray buttons sit side by side just above it. The temperature dial is directly underneath the handle and it is easily turned to switch to your preferred setting.

You can get a constant steam output to make thicker garments, such as jeans, easier to iron. It can seem an endless motion trying to get the more stubborn creases out, but thankfully the Tefal Freemove Air makes it a less arduous task. If you needed an extra boost of steam too, simply pressing the button on the handle would give you another 115g. Of course, you could turn off the steam output by flicking the switch, if you felt it wasn’t needed.

Onto the base now, and we like this one. A little like the Beldray, the horizontal design allows you to effortlessly slide the iron on and off to ensure safety and ease of use. The iron will charge quickly upon first use and in between, which will take you the time to get your next piece of clothing ready on the ironing board, you’ll be charged and good to go! There is a handy light which indicates when you need to replace it on the base, so you don’t run out of power.

You will also find an anti-drip and anti-scale system which will keep water stains and limescale at bay, as well as an auto shut off feature after 8 minutes of inactivity, a 250ml water tank which is located at the top of the iron, and a ceramic soleplate which will smooth the creases of your clothes quickly and gently.

Ideal Choice For The Safety Conscience

side view of tefal iron on base

The Tefal Freemove Air Cordless Iron is the most expensive on our list – with it’s effortless and lightweight model, we can understand why.

It’s a great looking appliance that will produce smooth laundry time and time again.


Not many people like ironing – but you’ve guessed it, I do! So, I was really excited to see what the cordless iron market had to offer us. The price ranges vary, but most of the irons we’ve listed here have similar functions and are all worth your consideration.

They all have one goal in mind and that’s to make sure their customers get the benefits of using an iron without the restrictions of a cord. If you haven’t used a cordless one before and want to see what all the fuss is about, then we’d suggest going for either the cheaper option as a starter, or maybe even the 2 in 1 iron so at least you have the choice.

If you don’t mind paying a little more then Russell Hobbs or Tefal will do the job perfectly. We know that no matter which one you decide to choose, that once mundane task of tackling the ironing pile will seem so much easier. With the freedom to stand in front of the tv while watching your favourite show or in the kitchen with the patio doors open listening to the radio. Wherever you do the ironing, from now on it will be more of a pleasure than a chore.

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