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Best Dehumidifier For Drying Clothes

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With Summer supposedly on the way, yet at times it feels like we’re still stuck in Autumn, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to find other ways to dry our clothes, bedding, towels and so on.

British weather is so unpredictable lately that we may not feel happy to leave our washing on the line while we go out to work or even pop to the shops.

Maybe you do not have access to a back garden for outdoor drying or there is not room in your home for a tumble dryer.

Then luckily we have the solution – dehumidifiers for drying clothes are so useful and becoming more and more popular for all of the above reasons and more.

Dehumidifiers are such a beneficial piece of kit because they remove moisture and humidity from the air in your room and thanks to them being relatively small and light, are completely portable meaning you are able to move one around your home to best suit your needs.

Before we take a look at our top picks let’s get to grips with why we’ve recently become such fans of using dehumidifiers for drying laundry.

Benefits of using a dehumidifier:

  • Prevents mould and bacteria
  • Improves air quality – family members with allergies will benefit from this
  • Energy costs can be reduced – all our dehumidifiers on this list are relatively small helping to keep your energy consumption to a minimum
  • Aids in drying clothes

Removing moisture from the air will eliminate the risk of mould and bacteria growing. Condensation which can be caused by showers or baths can also be kept at bay by using a dehumidifier.

All of this will prevent your furniture or upholstery from becoming damp, smelling musty or collecting dust mites.

I know from personal experience how annoying it can be when you open your curtains to the sight of condensation. Dripping down your window and causing mould in the corners of the room – nobody wants to deal with that first thing in the morning (not even a cleaning enthusiast like me!).

Air quality can be greatly improved and will be beneficial to those who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin that might be triggered by mould and mites. Asthma sufferers may also find that they are able to breathe a little easier – moisture or humidity in the air may make for heavier breathing, therefore the removal of this problem can be achieved by using a dehumidifier.

Running a dehumidifier does not have to cost the earth – with features such as timers and auto shut off technology, you can go about your day without worrying you are using too much electricity.

They are cheaper to run than tumble dryers (and while some tumble dryers can add to the problem if not vented properly, this machine is doing just the opposite).

Another important benefit of using a dehumidifier is the one that we are reviewing them for today – drying clothes. Because it’s not always as simple as pegging out the washing, throwing them in the tumble dryer, or even putting the central heating on to dry your garments, we need to find an easier and more efficient solution.

If you do decide to use your central heating, there can be a couple of problems you may run in to. One being the risk of excess moisture in the air, the humidity levels are raised and that’s when damp and mould can become a problem.

There’s also the fact of rising energy consumption and in times with ever rising costs it is not always affordable to keep your heating on for long periods of time. On the other hand, it may simply be too warm to put the radiators on, which would only add to the problem.

Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into finding the best dehumidifier for drying laundry.

Top 6 Dehumidifiers For Drying Clothes

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

pro breeze humidifier front view


Capacity: 12 litres

Dimensions: 25.5cm(l) x 22cm(w) x 44.5cm(h)

Weight: 10kg

Colour: White

We start our list off with the dehumidifier from Pro Breeze. This machine comes in a crisp white finish which is ideal for any home and will fit in with most décor.

It boasts a number of features, including humidity sensor, child lock, timer and more. So, let’s take a look at what it can do in more depth.

The automatic humidity sensor measures the level of humidity in your room, meaning when it has reached your preferred room humidity it will automatically turn off. We all love to save money where we can, so this useful feature will be a welcome one.

The 24-hour timer allows you to set the machine to turn on or off at any time during the day and it can remove an impressive 12 litres of water per day – a light will let you know when the tank is full.

It also has an easy-to-use panel and LED screen which displays the humidity levels and modes.

You won’t have to worry about your room becoming stuffy or damp while you dry your clothes and with a price that sits in the middle of our list today, this dehumidifier is definitely one for your shortlist.

Top Overall Pick

pro breeze humidifier front view

Pro Breeze have given us a wonderful machine here.

With child lock features, timers, sensors and a modern LED screen this is a great contender on the market today.

Inventor Eva Ion Pro Dehumidifier

dehumidifier and mobile phone


Capacity: 20 litres

Dimensions: 24.5cm(l) x 35cm(w) x 51cm(h)

Weight: 16kg

Colour: White

A machine that is a little more expensive than our first choice, but with an added extra that I personally love. As well as being a massive fan of cleaning products, I also like a good gadget – and if you’re anything like me, this one is sure to be high up on your wanted list.

The Eva Ion Pro has Wi-fi remote access – keeping up with all the latest technology, Inventor have made this dehumidifier manageable from their INVMATE II app. This means you can control when it is turned on and off, select your preferred setting or humidity level, and how long it is in use for.

It has a massive 20 litre capacity which means you can go about your day without worrying if you need to empty the water tank – and when it is full it will simply switch itself off.

This dehumidifier has some great features, as you’d expect from something with a higher price tag – most importantly it has a laundry dryer feature with a turbo mode that can help dry your clothes quickly.

The air ioniser function will eliminate lingering cooking smells, dust and bacteria. Silent mode will enable you to use it through the night without being disturbed. These are just a few features that we really love.

Ideal Choice For Busy Households

dehumidifier and mobile phone

The Eva Ion Pro is an impressive piece of kit.

WiFi capabilities, 20-litre capacity and an array of useful features – this dehumidifier is definitely worth the price tag.

Monhouse Dehumidifier

dehumidifier on wheels


Capacity: 12 litres

Dimensions: 25.5cm(l) x 22cm(w) x 47cm(h)

Weight: 10.5kg

Colour: White

This next dehumidifier is one of the cheaper ones on our list – but that doesn’t mean compromising on quality. It has a 12-litre capacity and it is not too heavy, which means you will find it easy to move from room to room to suit your needs.

If you do struggle to move it by lifting, the makers of the Monhouse dehumidifier have attached wheels for even easier transportation.

You get a compact, sleek design from this machine and its white finish will fit nicely into any home – an ideal contender if you are short on space.

The features it includes are a convenient 24-hour timer, 1 meter hose for continuous drainage, Peltier technology giving it quiet operation, indicator lights when the humidity gets too high in your room.

So when you need to dry your load of washing, you can air it safe in the knowledge that it will not smell musty or make your room damp. The hose means you are able to use it while you carry on with your day and the timer means you won’t be using excessive amounts of energy because you can control your usage times.

Suitable For Smaller Homes

dehumidifier on wheels

A compact, stylish choice from Monhouse – it has some useful features including wheels for easy manoeuvring and a handy timer.

Any smaller household would benefit greatly from this design.

Netta Dehumidifier

black and white humidifier


Capacity: 12 litres

Dimensions: 34cm(l) x 23cm(w) x 56cm(h)

Weight: 11kg

Colour: White and Black

Let’s start on the look of this dehumidifier – I like it. With its white gloss finish and black trim, it is sleek and smart appearance will fit well into any household. The digital touch screen just adds to its modern appearance.

The fact that this machine is on wheels is another bonus, making it even easier to move around – although if you do find you need to carry it, upstairs for example, at 11kg it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.

You get 2 fan speed modes, drain hose included for continuous draining, a 24-hour timer and lots more benefits – so as we stated above, even though this dehumidifier is the cheaper one on our list, it by no means lessens the quality or benefits of using it.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well this compact machine can dry your clothing while keeping your room moisture and humidity free.

Like many others on this list, it can remove 12 litres of water per day. A great feature too is that when the machine is full it will automatically turn off and a red light will flash. You won’t need to keep checking to see when the tank is full because the dehumidifier does the work for you.

Perfect For The Modern Property

black and white humidifier

We’ve made it quite clear we like the look of this dehumidifier and if you’re in the market for something to fit in with your modern décor – go with this one.

With its great features you won’t want to miss out on something this affordable.

EcoAir Classic Dehumidifier

pink and white dehumidifier


Capacity: 7 litres

Dimensions: 17.5cm(l) x 29cm(w) x 47.5cm(h)

Weight: 6kg

Colour: White and pink

Next we have a slightly smaller dehumidifier from EcoAir. Weighing only 6kg you will have no problem moving this around your home. It has a carry handle too, to make it that little bit easier.

It can collect 7 litres of moisture before it is full, and while this is not as much as others on here today, if you are in a smaller household where the rooms aren’t as big, or you don’t need to do as much laundry – this is the one for you.

The one that we are reviewing today comes in pink – you can also choose black or blue. So if you want to add a little bit of colour to your everyday appliances, again this is a good choice.

The EcoAir dehumidifier has 5 levels and a 2,4 and 8 hour timer so that when you have finished drying your clothes you will not be using more energy than you need to – thus saving you money (who doesn’t love that, right!).

There is a useful toggle feature that will automatically switch to the required level for the amount of humidity that is in the air – another energy efficient feature.

Also the silver filter and ioniser are perfect for keeping nasty smells at bay and give you clean air that will not only enhance your living space but help ward off germs and bacteria that could impact the allergy sufferers in your home and your general health.

Ideal For Lighter Loads

pink and white dehumidifier

When you don’t have much laundry to dry this option is perfect for you.

Being ideal for those prone to allergies you can rely on this dehumidifier.

Allied UK Hometronix Dehumidifier

dehumidifier on table


Capacity: 12 litres

Dimensions: 28cm(l) x 17cm(w) x 48.5cm(h)

Weight: 4.9kg

Colour: White and black

The last one on our list today is our cheapest dehumidifier, but quality is certainly not compromised.

Settings include a drying clothes function, LED display, automatic memory function, 24-hour timer and lots more. If you like options, then this is one for your shortlist.

Thanks to its low noise output you can use the humidifier at night while you sleep, or if you need to use it while you are entertaining – there won’t be so much noise that you can’t hear your guests.

The Hometronix dehumidifier was designed with convenience in mind – with a carry handle and wheels, and the fact that it weighs less than 5kg, you will be able to manoeuvre it with ease. If you’d rather put your clothes out of sight while they are drying, you can effortlessly move it to an upstairs room.

Like most on this list, it comes in a sleek white finish and will fit in well with your home décor. And with its modern display on the top of the machine you can easily read the humidity levels and have complete control at your fingertips.

Top Pick For Easy Movement

dehumidifier on table

The Hometronix dehumidifier is ideal for those who may struggle to move heavier machines – it has a carry handle, wheels and is extremely light, not to mention all its super useful features.


So, there you have it. We’ve given you 6 of the top dehumidifiers to help with the drying of your laundry.

You know what they can do and the benefits you will get from them – drying your laundry with the help of a dehumidifier is one of the best ways to achieve fresh smelling fabrics, as well as a home that will be mould, moisture, damp, and germ free.

If you don’t have access to an outdoor drying area, you struggle for space in your home for a tumble dryer, you want to keep your energy bills down, or need help keeping the humidity down while drying your laundry for health reasons.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered and think one of our dehumidifiers will be the perfect option for you.

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Meet our reviewer – Michelle Vernon

Michelle is one of the lead writers at Washing Check and also holds an editor role. She is a busy parent who understands the needs of daily domestic life and the challenges it can bring.

She genuinely loves cleaning products and equipment, which although is quite strange to many, is a blessing to us here at Washing Check.