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Best Dry Irons UK

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Iron on flat surface

Ironing is a basic, everyday task that the majority of people for one reason or another seem to detest – but it is a necessity and so we need to find ways to make it that little more bearable for those that do not enjoy it.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get bogged down by a variety of settings and functions, then before you know it, you’re overwhelmed and don’t know which appliance to buy. Add in trying to choose between a steam or dry function and you’re about to give up on trying to get the wrinkles out of your clothes!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some days where I will not feel like standing at the ironing board to get through the huge pile of clothes, but generally speaking I find the chore of ironing, not so much of a chore. Set up in front of the television or put on your favourite music and away you go!

Thanks to Washing Check, we’ve compiled a list of the best dry irons on the market right now. These can be used by anyone and are compatible with those who do not have huge ironing piles and those that just prefer not to use steam.

What is a dry iron?

The clue is in the name – it is exactly that – dry. The appliance doesn’t use any water and therefore does not produce any steam. The sole plate is completely flat and the irons are normally lighter and a little cheaper than a steam iron.

What do dry irons look like?

Aesthetics wise, they look like most other commonly used irons. With no real difference, you can expect the same kind of shape and similar features. With a dry iron however, you will notice that there is not a water tank, simply because you do not need one. You also won’t get holes in the soleplate because again, they are not needed.

Who are dry irons recommended for?

Pretty much anyone can use a dry iron, although they can be particularly useful to someone who is using an iron for the first time. A student or young family just starting out may benefit. Somebody that needs the added reassurance of using a safe appliance may want to purchase a dry iron too.

But this doesn’t mean these types of irons are limited to just certain types of people, for whatever reason you’re choosing, you have got this far into the article (and you haven’t got to the best bit yet!) and you’re one step closer to finding the most suitable iron for your needs.

Pros and Cons of using a dry iron



  • Easy to use
  • No steam to cause any unwanted burns
  • No holes on the sole plate getting clogged up with limescale
  • Suitable for those with mobility issues
  • No annoying water marks or stains left behind
  • May not be suitable for families with a lot of ironing
  • The iron could be too small for some users

Homelife for Easy Living Dry Iron

iron in white showing dial


Dimensions: 25.4cm (l) x 5.1cm (w)

Weight: 680 grams

Watts: 1200

Colour: White

First up we give you an iron that is no fuss, easy to use, and does exactly what you want it to.

Maybe you need to replace your old iron, or you want something that is simple to use – the Homelife iron gives you just that.

Like most irons, it has a dial located in the middle, just under the handle. You can choose from various settings including cotton and silk, with the red light turning off to indicate when it has reached the correct temperature.

The cord is long enough at 2 metres to easily manoeuvre around your clothes and ironing board.

It is equipped with a non-stick soleplate meaning you’ll be able to remove creases with ease and there will be no damage to any fabric types. This is further helped by the ergonomic handle which ensures comfort and ease of use.

Top Budget Pick

iron in white showing dial

Homelife give us a nice first offering and a price that won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for simplicity – look no further than this no-frills bargain.

Tefal FS2620 Dry Iron

blue and white dry iron by Tefal


Dimensions: 28.1cm x 14.9cm x 12.4cm

Weight: 890 grams

Watts: 1200

Colour: White and blue

Tefal provide us with a sleek looking dry iron which is lightweight and easy to use.

It boasts a fast heat up function – ideal for when you have to rush out the door. The dial, situated in the middle gives you the choice of a minimum temperature and can be easily turned clockwise to gain maximum temperature. The indication light will turn off when it reaches the required heat.

The non-stick soleplate helps to look after your garments as you glide the iron over the fabric. Designed to smooth out the creases as effortlessly as possible, this iron is created with the user in mind.

The base is large enough for an upright position in between uses. Again, this makes it simple to use and you don’t need to worry about putting it down for any length of time and risk burning your clothing or ironing board cover.

This model is pleasing on the eye thanks to its blue and white exterior, and with an easy to grip handle, it would suit somebody with restricted hand movements.

Ideal For Those In A Hurry

blue and white dry iron by Tefal

Tefal have given us some great products over the years, and their dry iron is no exception.

Simple to use, quick, and efficient – this iron would suit someone who does not have too much ironing.


white and stainless steel dry iron


Dimensions: 7.3in x 3.9in x 3.5in

Weight: 1.1kg

Watts: 700

Colour: White and stainless steel

This is one of the more expensive on our list, but for good reason – sleeking looking, with an easy-to-use dial makes it convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

It has a stainless steel soleplate giving you peace of mind that even your most delicate fabrics will be safe.

One feature we particularly like is the Temperature Control System. This keeps the iron at a balanced temperature in order to hold the heat. You are therefore able to use the iron on a variety of garments. Those more delicate materials would have the dial on a lower setting, whereas thicker material such as denim, would be dialled up to a higher setting.

The cord moves as you do so you won’t be slowed down or have any restrictions as you navigate the iron and the smooth handle makes it easy to control – this is a blessing, after all, who wants anything to prolong this chore!

Great Choice For Ease Of Use

white and stainless steel dry iron

This is a savvy iron with some useful features.

It combines simplicity and safety which makes it an ideal option for students or those looking for a first home appliance.

Corby Dry Iron

black iron with dial and handle


Dimensions: 10.5cm x 25cm x 12cm

Weight: 760 grams

Watts: 1200

Colour: Black

A dry iron now from a company called Corby, this one sits in the middle of our price range and comes in a black finish. Aesthetics wise it is easy on the eye and will fit into any home, which is good to know if your iron is out a lot. Maybe you have a lot of laundry which means it doesn’t get much chance to go back into storage or it might be a case of not having enough space, so you have to leave it on the kitchen counter.

It is a sleek model with not much in the way of settings to complicate things – the dial in the centre is easy to use and can be turned clockwise for maximum temperature or anti-clockwise for the minimum. This will all depend on what kind of fabric you are ironing.

There is a light that will automatically turn off when the correct temperature has been reached – this is a useful function because you will not be at risk of burning any of your clothes. Another useful function that we really like on this model is the auto shut off whereby it will turn off if it does not detect any motion after a certain time. Family life can be hectic at times, and it is easy to get distracted so having the peace of mind that this feature offers is a great reason to put it on your shortlist.

The non-stick soleplate allows you to glide over your garments without risk of pulling or catching on edges or pockets. This will help to get through your ironing pile a lot quicker.

Popular For Aesthetics

black iron with dial and handle

We like this iron from Corby and it’s nice to have another option apart from the standard white you get from most companies.

The dial is simple, the functions are great, and overall the Corby dry iron is a great choice for the price. While it doesn’t have many reviews, do not overlook this one for your next purchase.

Geepas Dry Iron

iron with dial in middle and Geepas writing on side


Dimensions: 25.2cm x 12cm x 10.6cm

Weight: 490 grams

Watts: 1200

Colour: White and blue

This dry iron is another budget buy and the cheapest on our list today.

If you’re looking for a smooth motion from your iron, as well as the option to alter the temperature as you change from a silk blouse to a pair of denim jeans, then this is a great choice.

The dial is easy to read and use, displaying the minimum and maximum settings along with your choice of fabrics, with the LED light indicating the correct temperature. The cord moves as you do, allowing for simpler navigation. The textured handle will enable this too and only adds to the ease of use.

The soleplate has no holes (because they aren’t needed), giving it a smooth finish. With the pointed tip being perfect for ironing in between shirt buttons and the budget friendly price, this one has to be worth your consideration.

Great For Peace Of Mind

iron with dial in middle and Geepas writing on side

The reviews speak for themselves, making this iron an extremely popular choice.

You’ll achieve crease free clothing without too much effort and for peace of mind you also get a 2-year warranty.


Using a dry iron really does have its advantages. Most of the designs are compact and easy to handle. It also means that you have the option to take it away with you if you travel a lot.

The list we have compiled gives you a range of prices and they all have the same goal in mind – to smooth your clothes while protecting them.

Whether you are in the market for a new iron or you just want to try something different, you will not be disappointed with the offerings you’ve seen today.

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