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digits on hygrometer screen

Nobody likes to think their home is anything less than perfect – we all strive to keep a tidy, clutter free household as well as being clean and free of germs.

But it’s those germs which we cannot see that could be putting the health of our household at risk. Bacteria that forms from damp, mould, condensation, and humidity are all something we cannot see, something that might get overlooked, but actually might be very present in our homes.

On the other hand though, too little humidity can make the air dry which, again could play havoc with those who have sensitive skin or other health concerns. It could also harm your furniture by drying out fabrics too much, leaving them prone to wear a lot quicker.

Thankfully there is a small device that can be purchased for the home to measure the amount of humidity within the air, meaning you will be able to keep a check on the levels to ensure it is just the right amount within your household.

Using this handy little gadget can be a godsend, especially if you know there are troublesome areas in your home that you need to keep an eye on. These lightweight devices can be moved from room to room, or even taken away with you when you go on holiday. Though, they are relatively cheap so you could buy more than one at such low prices. They have easy to read screens and are simple to use.

A hygrometer may also detect the temperature of a room in order to determine further the humidity level. Some of the hygrometers on our list today have these capabilities.

The safe level of humidity for your home should sit between 40 and 60%, while anything seen outside of this range may lead to discomfort, health issues, and problems with mould occurring.

Benefits of using a hygrometer

  • Be in control of the humidity levels within your home
  • Ensure comfort levels are managed to maintain a healthy household
  • Keep mould and bacteria to a minimum
  • Stop the risk of furniture and clothes being damp or too dry and being damaged

Brannan Digital Hygrometer

front and back of hygrometer


Brand: Brannan

Colour: White

Wall mountable: Yes

Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries

First up we have a hygrometer from Brannan – a company founded in 1913 that now supplies measuring devices to over 180 countries.

The design is compact and lightweight. Aesthetically pleasing, it comes in white and has rounded, sleek edges.

You have three placement options – on the back you will find a hanging hole, two magnets, and a stand, so you really can place it anywhere in your home.

Let’s discuss the features now. The display quality is good – giving you large clear numbers to easily read, as well as a backlight function for maximum vision.

At the top of the screen is where the temperature is displayed, in either Celsius or Fahrenheit – this can be changed to your preference using the button on the back. Below these digits you will see two levels – these are your minimum and maximum temperatures – particularly handy for monitoring how the temperature fluctuates during different times of the day.

Onto the humidity levels now, again you will see on the screen that the percentage is largely displayed for easy reading, and next to it you also get a smiley or sad face which is your comfort level indicator. A quick glance of this will tell you if your attention is required.

Underneath you get your minimum and maximum humidity levels – helping you monitor the differing readings throughout the day. The device refreshes every 10 seconds so you can be assured you are getting the most recent data for your room’s temperature and humidity levels.

Top Overall Pick

front and back of hygrometer

Brannan kick our list off with a really useful product at a very reasonable price.

A little device that gives us a lot of information to help us maintain a comfortable and happy home.

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer

front screen of thermopro


Brand: ThermoPro

Colour: Black or white

Wall mountable: Yes

Power supply: 1 x AAA battery

ThermoPro give us a great hygrometer with a few handy features at a really low price. Don’t worry though, the price does not in any way impact on the product and we really like this one.

You get a choice between black or white, both costing the same, or you can opt for a two pack that offers a black and a white hygrometer for a little bit more money. Still, at an affordable price and if you need more than one for those troublesome areas, it’s worth considering.

We like that you have the option of how to mount the hygrometer. If you like your living space to be clutter free then you can hang it on the wall or you can even place it on your fridge door, thanks to the magnet at the back. If you prefer to have it sitting close to you for easy reading, then you can place it on your worktop or table by using the little pull down stand at the back of the unit.

One of the features we like, similar to the first hygrometer and that you will see on a few of the gadgets on our list, is the comfort level indicator. You get three different faces that let you easily read how your humidity level is in your home.

A smiley face means you are at a comfortable level of humidity, a straight mouthed face indicates a dry level which means the humidity is below 30% and a sad face will tell you that there is too much humidity at over 60%.

If you’re not too confident at reading figures or percentage, then simply use the smiley face indicators to help you. Although we think you will get the hang of it quite quickly. You can even get the rest of your household to keep an eye on it for you too. The digits are large and clear on the display for easy reading.

The hygrometer from ThermoPro also displays the room temperature – you can choose this in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Knowing the temperature in your home will help keep you comfortable, warm, lower your heating bills, and giving you maximum control of these things will only aid in a better quality of living for your family.

It is battery powered, making it easy to move around the home and it also has a handy 10 second refresh timer so you know the levels are the most recent as you read them.

Perfect For Easy Reading

front screen of thermopro

ThermoPro have made their hygrometer simple to use. With its compact and lightweight unit, it will not look out of place hung on the wall or sitting on your coffee table.

Wherever you choose to put it, you will be glad you purchased such a handy piece of equipment at a really great price from a brand that has grown with confidence and customers since 2014.

Indoor/Outdoor Hygrometer

hygrometer hanging on wall


Brand: Pyntop

Colour: Brown

Wall mountable: Yes

Power supply: Automatic calibration

A vintage look now for our next hygrometer and if you are into classic looking gadgets then you needn’t look any further.

This hygrometer can be placed either inside or outside making it ideal for those that have a greenhouse or that simply wish to keep their gardens in good condition. Similarly, it would also make a nice feature inside your home. On the back there is a hole so you can hang it wherever you choose.

You can opt between black, blue, white, or the brown that we have gone for. This gives you scope to place it anywhere around your home.

Onto the display now, which as you can see is different to all the others on our list – it is not digital for a start – hence why we called it the vintage look! All too often now, we rely on screens, monitors and digital displays, so it is quite refreshing to have this gem amongst the best hygrometers.

The large outer numbers give you the temperature which can be read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The needle will point to the outer numbers for Celsius but if you prefer Fahrenheit readings then look at the inner numbers.

At the bottom you will be able to read the humidity, with the circle displaying 0-100%. While you don’t get more of the technical features with this hygrometer, it really is a nice piece that can be a feature in your garden, conservatory or any wall that needs a little character.

Best Option For A Classic Look

hygrometer hanging on wall

The price tag is the highest on our list, but we think this hygrometer is definitely worth it.

If you want to go back to basics and are not into all the modern gadgets, then you have found the perfect hygrometer for your home. With easy to read digits and a variety of colours to suit your décor, this would make a brilliant purchase.

Gellvann Digital 2 Pack Hygrometer

2 hygrometers with digits on screen


Brand: Gellvann

Colour: White and black

Wall mountable: No

Power supply: 1 x AAA battery

Gellvann have made an easy to read and simple to use design for their hygrometer. With its black face and sleek white edges, it will fit nicely into any room and definitely won’t look out of place on a shelf or desk.

Stand it up easily by using its foldable stand or place it on your fridge or memo board using the magnets on the back. While you can’t hang it on the wall like others on this list, we’re sure you will be able to find just the right place for this hygrometer with its aesthetically pleasing look.

On to the display now – it is easily readable thanks to the large digits shown on the LCD screen. You will see the temperature at the top – showing in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and below you will see the humidity level displayed as a percentage.

Next to the humidity level, there will be a face that will smile for a comfortable level of both temperature – 64℉ – 77℉ (18℃ – 25℃) and humidity – 40% RH – 65% RH. Any other levels outside of this will show a sad face.

You can see the minimum and maximum levels by pressing the buttons below the screen, as well as changing the temperature measurement to Fahrenheit or Celsius at the touch of a button.

Top Choice For Simplicity

2 hygrometers with digits on screen

This hygrometer by Gellvann has been designed with simplicity in mind and it does a fantastic job at that.

We have given you the two pack option which sits at a really good price, you do have the option to buy a single hygrometer for a little cheaper. Either way, this device is well worth the money.

5 Pack LCD Digital Hygrometer

Circular hygrometer 5 pack


Brand: EEEKit

Colour: Black

Wall mountable: No

Power supply: 1 x LR44 battery

Lastly, but by no means least, a design that is a little different now – the main things you’ll notice are that the hygrometers are round, and quite small in size. You get 5 in a pack for a really good price, this is particularly useful if you need to keep a check of the humidity levels in multiple rooms.

You can’t hang these on the wall or place them on your fridge like with some of the others on this list, but thanks to their size they really can fit on any surface without looking out of place. You can pop them behind a photo frame on a shelf, or right next to the keyboard in your home office.

The display is simple and just shows the temperature and humidity level – if you’re not too fussed about smiley face comfort indicators, then this basic, circular device will be perfect for you.

Each hygrometer comes with a battery, and you get a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind. There isn’t really much more to say about this hygrometer other than it will do the job it’s supposed to do, easily.

Great For Multiple Rooms

Circular hygrometer 5 pack

A 5 pack of hygrometers that will fit in the palm of your hand, can be placed inconspicuously around your home, and have a simple to read LCD display.

For about the price you’d expect for this we’d highly recommend adding it to your shortlist, if you haven’t already!


We hope you have found this article helpful and gained all the knowledge you need to choose the best hygrometer for your needs.

We’ve given you a variety – from easy to read digits, to those with useful features, to classic looking hygrometers.

With the price range not being too varied and all within a good budget, we think they are all worth considering and you’ll easily find the best one for your household.

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