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Best Non-Bio Washing Powder

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Choosing a washing powder can be confusing at times. There are so many things to think about – the fragrance, the amount of washes you can get out of your pack, the ingredients and chemicals in the product, as well as many other things.

Today we are specifically focused on non-bio washing powders, so let’s take a look at why choosing this type of powder could be the best choice for you. We’ll also be highlighting 6 of the best non-bio washing powders available in the UK today.

What is non-bio washing Powder?

Short for non-biological – non-bio washing powder uses alternative ingredients to achieve the clean and fresh results of your laundry.

Biological washing powders use enzymes to break down the dirt and stains in your laundry to give a thorough clean. As such the agents in these enzymes may not be ideal for some people, therefore opting for a non-biological powder would be a better choice.

Non-bio washing powders do not contain enzymes – instead they use other ingredients that can still give you clean laundry that will smell fresh and feel soft.

Why choose non-bio washing powder?

Choosing a non-bio washing powder will have certain benefits. So, let’s delve a little more into these.

  • Family members with sensitive skin will thank you – because non-bio does not use enzymes there is less chance of skin irritation, especially for those that suffer from sensitive skin or eczema
  • Using a lighter and more gentle fragrance in the powder means these products are more likely to be hypoallergenic, again making them more delicate on a person’s skin. Fragrance free options would eradicate the problem of allergies completely
  • Non-bio powders are safe on all skin types and especially popular with parents who have newborn babies and younger children as their skin is naturally more sensitive
  • Delicate materials can be washed in non-bio washing powder as they will care for your fabrics while still producing clean results

Giving you all the reasons you should choose a non-biological washing powder, it is only fair that we share with you a couple of downsides.

Because the use of enzymes is taken out of such powder, it may be useful to put your cycle on a higher temperature. The enzymes are there to separate the dirt from your laundry and therefore a high wash temperature is not needed, so non-bio powder use may require more heat.

You will have noted above that there may be less fragrance added to these powders and while that is a good thing, some people may prefer a stronger scent from their clean washing. If this is the case, you may wish to buy an extra fabric softener or equivalent to give your clothes a boost.

If these factors do not bother you too much and the reasons to opt for non-bio outweigh any other reasons not to, then this kind of washing powder will be a brilliant choice for most households.

So without further ado, let’s find out the best 6 non-bio washing powders on the market today.

Persil Non-Bio Washing Powder

front of persil box


Brand: Persil

Size: 8.385kg

Number of Washes: 130

Fragrance: Fresh

We start our list off with well-known Brand Persil – introduced in 1907, a German brand that is now manufactured and marketed in the UK by Unilever.

There are so many benefits to using Persil’s non-bio washing powder, it’s hard to know where to start!

One of the most important things about this product is the research that has gone into it – being recognised by the British Skin Foundation, it can give you the reassurance that you are using a top-quality product that will look after your skin as well as your laundry.

It is tough on stains thanks to its ingredients, but gentle enough to not be too harsh on those in your household with sensitive skin or allergies. You can use it on quick and cooler settings too.

Another thing we love about Persil is that they take being kind very seriously, not just to those using their products but also to the environment. Their non-bio packaging is 100% recyclable and their ingredients are all biodegradable.

For the price, you get 130 washes, which is quite impressive and ideal for those that have a lot of family members or just get through a lot of clean clothes! If you’re anything like me and have to keep up with three wardrobe changes per day from a teenage girl, then you’d be right to put this on your shortlist.

Overall, it is a worthy contender on our list today and has amazing benefits for you and your laundry.

Overall Top Pick

front of persil box

Persil give us a wonderful washing powder that is value for money, pleasant smelling and kind to skin.

Keep this one in mind – it could be the perfect one for you.

Ecover Zero Non-Bio Washing Powder

ecover front packaging


Brand: Ecover

Size: 1.8kg

Number of Washes: 25

Fragrance: Unscented

We have another washing powder now that has made their products friendly to both people and the environment.

Ecover, a Belgium company founded in 1979 who manufacture cleaning products that are made from plant based and mineral ingredients. Benefits of such an eco-friendly washing powder include being approved by Allergy UK, no products are tested on animals, and their packaging is completely recyclable.

If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, then this washing powder by Ecover is the one to choose. It is completely scent free meaning those prone to sensitive skin could wash their laundry in this and not have to worry about anything irritating their skin.

Similarly, if someone is allergic to fragrances, using this powder will ensure your clothes, bed sheets or towels are cleaned well, fresh, and safe to use.

You can use the powder in your washing machine or if you choose to hand wash your delicates, it will work just as effectively. Just remember to follow the guide on the box if you are unsure.

While this powder from Ecover may be one of the smaller offerings today, you get 25 washes out of the 1.8kg box, which is impressive for the price and worth every penny.

Ideal For The Environmentally Conscious

ecover front packaging

If you care about the planet as much as you care about your family, this is your best bet.

Biodegradable ingredients, recyclable packaging and kind to your skin – Ecover have thought of everything.

Fairy Non-Bio Powder

fairy box showing 140 washes


Brand: Fairy

Size: 9.1kg

Number of Washes: 140

Fragrance: Fresh

On to well-known brand Fairy next. They are one of the most used brands in households up and down the country. Fairy is owned by Procter & Gamble who were founded in 1837 so you can see why they have a substantial reputation.

This XXXL pack gives you a whopping 140 washes and is perfect if you have endless amounts of washing. Again, I don’t think I have a day where the washing machine isn’t going! But this non-bio powder makes the washing less of a chore and a little more joyful – when you open the machine door, and you get the first smell of freshness.

The fragrance is actually called Fresh but we think that’s a bit of an understatement. If you have the added benefit of an outdoor drying area then you’re in for a treat, your clothes will smell divine.

If you dry your clothes using a clothes horse in your home, then your room will be filled with the fragrant scent that oozes out of your laundry after it’s been washed in Fairy non-bio. You really cannot go wrong with this product.

For peace of mind the powder has been dermatologically tested and has even been awarded the Skin Health Alliance Seal.

It is gentle on your fabrics and will not irritate your skin as a result. Furthermore, it’s delicate enough to use on your newborn’s clothes and bedding. We love this product for all the above reasons and know you will enjoy seeing the results just as much as we did.

Perfect For Guaranteed Freshness

fairy box showing 140 washes

If you want a powder that is delicate enough for even your youngest family members, that will efficiently clean your clothes and give you beautiful smelling laundry – then look no further.

Fairy have outdone themselves. The quality of this product is excellent

We Can Source It Ltd Washing Powder


Brand: We Can Source It Ltd

Size: 10kg

Number of Washes: 250

Fragrance: Unscented

This non-bio washing powder from We Can Source It Ltd is the largest on our list today – it holds a whopping 10kg of powder, claiming to have enough powder in there for up to 250 washes (depending on the size of the load).

If this is the case, then this is a great investment. The price sits in the middle, and we highly recommend giving this one some serious thought.

Another powder that is fragrance free – which again is perfect for allergy sufferers or sensitive skin. Being able to slip on your favourite outfit or jump into a freshly made bed without worrying about your skin being irritated is a lovely feeling!

This company boasts that they use only premium ingredients which means it is safe to use on delicate skin, including babies and young children.

Having peace of mind when it comes to your family is one of the most important things, so to be able to get this from a washing powder that will be used day in day out is a wonderful thing.

Overall, we like this product and think once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why. This could be your new favourite washing powder.

Great Choice For Larger Loads

Busy households produce a lot of washing so this is a sound investment for your family’s needs.

You will not be disappointed with it’s premium ingredients and kind-to-skin properties.

Surcare Non-Bio Laundry Powder

blue and green surcare front packaging


Brand: Surcare

Size: 1.625kg

Number of Washes: 25

Fragrance: Unscented

Surcare give us a sensitive washing powder here – it has zero enzymes, is fragrance free, and contains no dyes or acids.

Like many others on this list it, this powder is suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. If you or someone has eczema or a similar skin complaint, then this would be an ideal choice for you.

It will give your laundry a deep clean without being harsh on your skin – giving you soft, clean and fresh clothes every time. If you’re like me after a busy day and you like nothing more than getting into your favourite pyjamas, knowing that they are clean and fresh will be enough for you to want to put them on as soon as you walk through the door!

While this washing powder may be more on the expensive side for the number of washes you get – 25 per pack, it is still worth every penny to know that you are caring for your loved ones skin while making sure everyone in the household has clean clothes.

Another added bonus of using Surcare non-bio is you can wash your laundry at a lower temperature – 30°would be more than capable of cleaning your clothes efficiently while not using any unnecessary energy.

If you still need convincing that this is the washing powder for you and your household, rest assured that it is dermatologically approved and is recognised by Allergy UK. We don’t think you’ll need any more reassurance than that.

Great For Saving Energy

blue and green surcare front packaging

Safe in the knowledge that your washing is being looked after as well as your skin, this powder is a brilliant choice.

Being able to save energy is definitely a bonus – with ever rising living costs we all need a helping hand and Surcare have really delivered.

Simply Pure Non-Bio Soluble Soft-Tabs

simply pure bag


Brand: Simply

Size: 5kg

Number of Washes: 200

Fragrance: Unscented

We finish our list off with something a little different. Simply Pure have given us a non-bio powder in the form of a tablet.

We like this – knowing that you haven’t got to do any measuring of the powder. I sometimes overthink it, wondering if I have put too much or too little in the drawer.

The tablets are individually wrapped, and you don’t need to do anything other than pop them straight in the drawer. With no need to unwrap the tablet because the wrapper is completely soluble, just throw your washing in the drum, pop the tablet in and away you go. The convenience of these is brilliant.

It states to use one tablet for standard washing machines, but larger ones may require two tablets.

They are 100% allergen and fragrance free, making them an ideal choice for people with skin complaints. You can use it on your youngest family members knowing it will be kind to their delicate skin.

Being one of the most expensive on our list we think it’s justified just for the practicality and convenience. Making your household chores a little easier is what we’re here for and Simply have definitely had a helping hand with their soluble tablets.

Best Choice For Convenience

simply pure bag

While I am a self professed cleaning enthusiast, there are times that you just don’t have time to fit everything in. These tablets will cut your chore time with no need for measuring out powder.

Let these tablets do all the hard work from the moment you pop them in the drawer.


There you go, we have given you 6 of the best non-bio washing powders and detailed the benefits of using them. They all have valid reasons for buying them and we’re sure you will find the perfect match for your washing needs.

Having the same goal in mind – to look after your delicate or sensitive skin and to make sure the laundry can be as quick and easy as possible – let’s face it, we all need a helping hand with the dreaded household chores at some point.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t choose non-biological washing powder sooner, but you’ll certainly thank us for giving you the options above.

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