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Best Portable Washing Machines

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There are several reasons why you might prefer a portable washing machine to a standard-size one. Maybe you take a lot of trips with your caravan or have limited space in your home.

Whatever the reason, the best portable washing machines are excellent alternatives to standard ones. They are compact, lightweight, economical, and environmentally friendly. Granted, they are smaller, less powerful, and have fewer features, but they work just as well.

Gone are the days when you needed a full-sized washing machine to do laundry the right way. Now, you can save yourself the stress of washing using your hands or having to lug a suitcase filled with dirty laundry after a trip, and the best part is that you do not have to break the bank.

Why Choose a Portable Washing Machine?

We have catalogued the best portable washing machines you can use in your caravan, home, or while camping. They will get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you are done using the machine, you will be left with clean, pleasant-smelling, and decently dry clothing. 

However, you will not get the same washing experience as a full washing machine. For example, you have to monitor the machine due to its shorter timer. Additionally, you must move the washed clothes to the spinner.

Do not be deterred because portable washing machines are worth it and are great alternatives to their full-sized counterparts.

Several of these small-sized appliances are on the market, which makes it hard to pick one. We have researched on your behalf and made a list of the best portable machines that you can take with you anywhere. 

The Best Portable Washing Machines for Your Home or Caravan

Portable washing machines are useful if you always want to have clean clothes while on the go but do not want to stop at the launderette. If you plan to swap your big washing machines for smaller, space-saving models, then you’re in luck because we have made a list of the top six washing appliances you can fit in your home or caravan.

All of these machines are portable, user-friendly and save power. Here are our top picks of the best portable washing machines.

1. Streetwize Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine Spin Dryer

blue and white twin tub with one lid open


Dimensions: 42 x 61 x 58 cm

Weight: 5kg

Power Supply: 230V

Washing Capacity: 3.5kg

Spin Capacity: 2.5kg

Streetwize have done a fantastic job on this twin tub washing machine. It weighs 5kg and has a handle with a strong grip for easy carriage. It is not bulky, so space is not a problem; you can store it just about anywhere.

This washing machine comes with two options – gentle for sportswear and normal for cotton and polyester fabrics.  

As the name suggests, the appliance comes with two tubs. The washing tub has a maximum time of 15 minutes, and the spinning tub a maximum of 5 minutes. With its strong agitation action, your clothes will not get tangled. Also, because of its new and improved copper bound motor, you will not be saying goodbye to this machine anytime soon.

The washing tub has a 3.5kg capacity and a washing power of 230W. The spinning tub has a 2.5kg capacity and a spinning power of 116W and will dry your clothes with ease. With all the power these tubs possess, they make very little noise at only 69 dB and below.

Both tubs work incredibly well, and you can use them simultaneously. Imagine the time you could save by having this machine spin the first batch of clothes while you wash the second.

Streetwize delivers on minimalism the same way they do on portability. With the right amounts of water and electricity, you could have your clothes efficiently washed and dried. Just make sure you have a 230V power supply available.

The machine has an outlet hose of 50cm, so ensure to leave it somewhere you can quickly drain the water out. You can easily attach another hose with a few extra centimetres to make it longer.

The appliance does not come with a manual, so you might struggle with this one if you have not used a twin tub before. However, the machine is relatively simple to use.

There seems to be nothing the Streetwize Twin Tub Washing Machine cannot do. It is small, light, powerful, and best of all, it does not cost a fortune.

Best Overall Pick

blue and white twin tub with one lid open

There seems to be nothing the Streetwize Twin Tub Washing Machine cannot do.

It is small, light, powerful, and best of all, it does not cost a fortune.

2. KUPPET Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer

kuppet tub showing dials and pipe


Dimensions: 63.5 x 36 x 71 cm

Weight: 14.4kg

Power Supply: 110V

Washing Capacity: 5.9kg

Spin Capacity: 3.6kg

KUPPET is another brand that decided to go with a twin tub model, and the result is spectacular. What this appliance lacks in portability, it makes up for in capacity and power. With this twin tub washer, you can wash up to 5.9kg of clothes and spin up to 3.6kg.

Both tubs work simultaneously, and each has its own timer – you get 15 minutes max for washing and 5 minutes for spinning. The machine does all this with a powerful dual motor of 1300 RPM that has a frequency of 60 Hz. 

This appliance is so powerful it can wash jeans and beddings with ease. With the proper implementation of this dual-function design, you can reduce your washing time using this machine.

To power the KUPPET twin tub machine, you only need 110V of electricity. The washer’s power is 240W, and the spinner’s power is 120W, which is perfect for the size of this appliance.

The functions on the washer are basic, so you can easily understand them. The operation panel has a wash timer, spin timer, and wash selector. This selector has options for soft and standard wash, along with the drain function, which activates the drain pumps.

There is a filter on the side of this appliance that catches and stores dirt. However, ensure you clean it regularly so it does not fill up and damage your machine. If you are looking for a powerful washing machine that can wash your toughest clothes but is completely portable, then the KUFFET twin tub washer and spin dryer is for you.

You can fit this machine in small spaces and still make the most out of it. You can use an inlet hose to fill up the washer, but it might take some time, so you could go ahead and fill it up using a bucket.

It is also worth noting that it is recommended to not use the pipe with hot water as it may get damaged.

When you are done washing and need to drain the dirty water, the machine has an 86cm long drainage tube, which should be long enough regardless of where you place the appliance. This drainage hose comes with a built-in pump – this aids in making the drainage process faster and more efficient. You can have your machine completely drained in no time.

Perfect For Heavier Loads

kuppet tub showing dials and pipe

If you are looking for a compact twin tub that can still wash your heavy clothes then look no further.

This powerful choice from KUPPET will not let you down.

3. OneConcept Mini Washing Machine

mini machine with folded laundry


Dimensions: 35 x 57 x 58 cm

Weight: 10.6kg

Power Supply: 220V

Capacity: 2kg

Great things do come in small packages, and OneConcept have proven that. Whether you want to use it at home or on the road, you are bound to get a kick out of this mini washing machine. It comes with a three-pin plug and works on 220V.

You can wash and spin dry using the separate tubs that are encased in one machine.

This machine has a capacity of 2kg. It does not seem like much, but you can fit in about three pairs of jeans and three t-shirts or a small sleeping bag at once.

Although this machine may seem on a little on the heavy size for its capacity (10.6kg to be precise), it is not bulky, meaning you can store it and move it around effortlessly.

This mini appliance can wash using water at high temperatures. However, it does not heat the water, so you will have to fill it up using water from the tap. You can wash most types of clothes because the OneConcept Mini Washing Machine comes with two washing settings, “Soft” and “Strong.” 

Sadly, this machine does not have a lint filter, but that will not be an issue because you probably will not experience any lint build-up as long as you clean it after use. You can empty both compartments through one drain hole.

Like others on this list, this machine does not have a drain pump, so you might have to wait for a while before your device empties.

Ideal Compact Choice

mini machine with folded laundry

The OneConcept Mini Washing Machine is a fantastic replacement for a full-sized machine and a great alternative to hand washing.

You will be able to move the machine around effortlessly and it will not get in your way, tucking away nicely when not in use.

4. Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine

black and white twin tub


Dimensions: 38.5 x 60 x 69 cm

Weight 12.7kg

Power Supply: 230V

Washing Capacity: 3.6kg

Spinning Capacity: 2kg

Think Gizmos have spared no expense while making this robust and portable washing machine. It is perfect for places like caravans or homes with limited space.

The machine possesses two tubs, one for washing and the other for spinning. You can wash for up to 15 minutes and spin for up to 5 minutes. Each tub has its own timer so they can work at the same time.

Moreover, the wash tub has two different modes – soft and normal – letting you wash a variety of fabrics. You can select which mode using the controls and dials at the top of the washing machine.

The setup of this machine does not require plumbing and only needs access to water and an area for drainage. You do not have to waste time using gravity draining because Think Gizmos have added a built-in drainage pump to their machine.

Other features include a lint filter that you place in the wash section, which floats on the water collecting all debris such as lint, string, and dirt. It also comes with an inlet hose and a manual in several languages.

Due to its efficient motors, this portable yet powerful appliance can adequately wash and spin your clothes as quietly as possible. It requires 230V to power up and is energy efficient with an A+++ rating.

Think Gizmos test all their machines in the manufacturing warehouse to ensure they give you the best.

Popular Choice For Efficiency

black and white twin tub

The Think Gizmos washing machine is incredibly portable and performs just like a standard-size machine.

Being compact and efficient, it will save you money, energy, and space.

5. Leisure Direct Portable Washing Machine

blue machine with accessories


Dimensions: 33.5 x 34 x 51 cm

Weight: 5kg

Power Supply: 230V

Washing Capacity: 3kg

Spinning Capacity: 1.5kg

Our next offering from Leisure Direct is the smallest and one of the lightest on this list. However, it does not make it less of a competitor.

It has handles with a solid and comfortable grip for easy carriage and a large upward lid. Due to its size, it only has one tub, so you can only use the spin dryer after washing.

Also, the washer and dryer capacities are smaller than other models. Each tub has its respective timers; you can set the washer to 15 minutes and the spin timer to 5 minutes.

The machine automatically turns off after each session, and it drains the water from the washer and dryer. The washer does its job well and leaves your clothes clean and fresh. However, the relatively small spin dryer might not get your heavier clothes as dry as other models.

Fortunately, this portable appliance does not make a lot of noise. Yes, you will hear the machine working, but not to the point where it becomes a distraction.

It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving machine that saves money, water, and energy.

With a 12-month warranty, you are also safe in the knowledge that you are secured for at least a year.

Top Pick For Ease Of Use

blue machine with accessories

With its lightweight and easy to carry features, this option from Leisure Direct is perfect for frequent holiday-goers or even just those tight on space at home.

At an affordable price and a peace of mind warranty for 12 months, this would be a great investment.

6. Fitnessclub Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

twin tub next to pile of folded washing


Dimensions: 36.5 x 60 x 70 cm

Weight: 13kg

Power Supply: 220V

Washing Capacity: 4.6kg

Spinning Capacity: 3kg

Fitnessclub’s compact and lightweight washing machine does all it is supposed to and more. This machine is made with the finest materials to give you a long-lasting product. Its interior is stainless steel, and the 360° dish turbine helps prevent the clothes from getting tangled.

Its exterior is polypropylene (PP) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). These materials are resistant to heat and corrosion and have a very low water absorption rate. They are also environmentally friendly. 

It comes with two tubs, each with timer switches, and can work simultaneously. The washing tub can be set anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes, while you can set the dry tub between 1 and 3 minutes. This semi-auto washing machine has a powerful 1300 RPM motor with a max frequency of 50 Hz to give you the cleanest clothes as soon as possible. All you need to do is connect it to a 220V power supply, and you are good to go. 

The washing machine has a minimum water capacity of 32L and a maximum of 36L. It weighs 13kg, which is not too bad for the kind of work it does, plus, its dimensions are decent. The dryer’s timer is lesser than most washing models, but it spins clothes just as efficiently. The spinner can get clothes 90% dry, leaving just a little moisture that you can remove by hanging them outside or on a clothes horse.

With an inlet hose of 120cm and a drainage hose of 65cm, you can place this portable appliance in various rooms in your home or while you are away for the weekend – having easy access to a water supply and drainage area. However, the inlet hose might not be sturdy, so you either have to reduce the pressure from the tap or change the hose altogether.

The machine does not have a drain pump, meaning drainage will take a while. If you have never used a portable washing machine before, you do not have to worry because it comes with instructions on how to use it.

Top Long Lasting Choice

twin tub next to pile of folded washing

This Fitnessclub appliance is a superb machine that washes your clothes with ease, spins them nearly dry, all while conserving water with its A+ energy rating.

You cannot go wrong with purchasing this machine.


Portable washing machines make doing laundry on your terms possible, regardless of where you are. With these compact appliances, you can wash your clothes in a small space and use a fraction of the money and energy you would on a full-sized washing machine.

All you need is a steady power supply, detergent, water, and a drainage area for your machine. Fill it up with water, detergent, and then your dirty clothes. After the 1-to-15-minute wash period, you spin for up to 5 minutes, and you will have yourself some clean clothes.

When you are done washing, you can store the machine in a closet or a corner. However, if you choose to keep it in a closet, ensure to dry out the basin to avoid any foul smells.

Say goodbye to handwashing or walking to a laundrette. From our review of the best portable washing machines, you should be able to find the ideal appliance for you whether you use it home or away.

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