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Best Smelling Washing Powders In The UK

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Good smells are seductive, and this fact has definitely given them a place in our hearts.

Today, numerous brands in the UK manufacture scented washing powders, and getting one for yourself is as easy as visiting a grocery store or website. In fact, you would even find scented tissues through the same media.

Sometimes, however, your clothes come out of the washing machine smelling all musty – how disappointing when you feel you have wasted your time putting them on a wash cycle.

Who doesn’t love that freshly washed laundry smell? And we’re guessing this is why you’re here today, because you need a washing powder that gives your fabrics an enduring scent.

What smell do you like; fruity, floral, or fresh? Whatever it is, there is a product that offers just what you want, meaning you can be sure to select a scent that best fits your personality. 

However, there is more to nice-smelling detergents than just a good smell. Did it ever occur to you that a good fragrance from your clothes can help drop your stress level? 

Similarly, a good-smelling fabrics naturally boost your mood and self-confidence in some way. Scientifically, it is true that what a person wears does not only improve their look; it also brings with it a feel-good factor. The psychology around this is explained in the “Enclothed Cognition.”

Someone once said, “the beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s.” Safe to say, what you wear is an extension of who you are.

You may suffer eye or skin irritation if you have a sensitive body, as strong-scented washing powders can cause unpalatable reactions. With that said, we suggest that you stay away from laundry powders with a potent smell if you are vulnerable to skin disorders. For example, atopic dermatitis, more commonly called eczema.

If you fall under this category of people, you might want to do your research or contact your doctor initially. 

Now, to the main question: what are the best smelling washing powders in the UK? 

Read on to find our top picks.

Top 6 best smelling washing powders in the UK

1. Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang-Ylang Fabric Care Laundry Powder

We start this list off with an offering from Surf, giving us tropical lily and ylang-ylang washing powder. Just as the name suggests, this washing powder houses a fusion of the nicest smelling flowers – lily and ylang-ylang.

surf tropical packaging next to washing basket

More concentrated than ever, this detergent gives your laundry a long-lasting smell. When you use this detergent for the first time, you probably will not want to use another. “Addictive” might be too powerful a word to describe it, but with Surf, you cannot have enough of a good smell. 

If you are looking for an outstanding smelling washing powder that removes hard stains, then this offering from Surf could be exactly what you need. With over 70 years of operation in the UK, Surf is the brand to trust. It is arguably one of the UK’s top detergent brands.

2. Bold 2-in-1 Touch of Lenor Lavendar and Camomile Washing Powder

The first thing that should catch your attention about this laundry powder is its name: Bold. It is much more than a company name; it is the nature of the brand. The appellation emits so much confidence that when you use Bold, you go bold.

The phosphate-free detergent is known for its stain-removing capability and wonderful smell. Bold 2-in-1 washing powder brings with it a delightful blend of nice-smelling perfumes: lavender and camomile. These perfumes by Lenor guarantee hours of freshness on clothes, even after wear.

Another outstanding feature of this washing powder is that it comes with a fabric softening feature that leaves your clothes with added freshness and softness.

We recommend Bold 2-in-1 for professional use, but it also works for personal use.

Procter and Gamble own Bold. Procter and Gamble is the parent company that runs many reputable homecare brands, including Always, Ambi Pur, Ariel, Daz, Fairy, Olay, Pampers, and many more. With such a well-known brand, it’s easy to see why it has made our best smelling washing powders list.

3. Ecover Biological Concentrated Washing Powder

This product from Ecover is made from plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. The washing powder has everything you would expect of a detergent: fragrance, fabric care, softener, and stain removal. 

Though it is a biological detergent, it still gets tough stains off your garments, even in a cold water wash. It contains non-ionic surfactants that make it dissolve fast in the water.

The washing powder is best for whites and colour-fast laundry. However, we advise you not to wash with this detergent above a temperature of 50°C as your clothes may fade in the process. At 50°C, this detergent preserves your fabrics; it keeps your whites white and colour-fast clothes their original colour.

The powder comes with a fragrance from the mix of lavender & eucalyptus. With this, you can be sure of lasting freshness on your clothes. 

4. Persil Non-Bio Washing Powder

Next up we have Persil non-bio washing powder. It is made with biodegradable substances capable of cleaning tough stains such as mud or oil.

persil non bio

One standout feature of this washing powder is that it does not cause skin irritation. This is a fact backed by the British Skin Foundation, a charity that funds research into all the types of skin infections and diseases with the sole aim of proffering cures for them.

This is perfect for those looking for a beautiful smelling powder that can also clean your fabrics efficiently, while protecting sensitive skin.

This detergent helps you to do more with less, with its reduced size. Right now, it is more concentrated than before with up to 34% less packaging.

It is specifically designed to remove tough stains on fabrics. For an effective result, the manufacturer advises that you wash clothes at a low temperature of 30°C.

However, the washing powder leaves a relatively strong smell on clothes, so you will have to rinse several times to reduce the strength of the scent.

5. Surf Coconut Bliss Laundry Powder

Another offering from Surf now. This time we look at Coconut Bliss. This powder is built with an enhanced nature-inspired formula for freshness that you cannot resist. Subtle, not harsh.

The washing powder has a crisp scent that takes you on a never-ending vacation of good dreams through its tantalizing coconut scent. The smell that the detergent leaves on your clothes leaves you brimming with confidence. 

It is also capable of giving you clean laundry. This claim is no exaggerated marketing gimmick; The Good Housekeeping Institute and consumers verify the fact through their reviews.

The detergent is available in both liquid and powder form. Coconut Bliss is brought to you by the UK’s number one fragrance detergent brand – Surf. They have a host of well-scented detergents that are eco-friendly, and the name speaks for itself.

6. Bold 2-in-1 Spring Awakening Washing Powder

Last, but by no means least, we have Bold 2-in-1 Spring Awakening. This washing powder is another cost-effective good-smelling detergent, which brings transformation to any fabric it touches.

Speaking of a transformation, this washing powder keeps your fabrics in their brightest state while leaving a long-lasting freshness on them. 

Also, it has a powerful fragrance engineered by a company reputed for making some of the most pleasing scent boosters in the industry – Lenor. When discussing fragrance and scent boosters, Lenor is one brand long-known for delivering the best.

What other ways can I improve the smell and feel of my fabrics?

To complement the function of your favourite washing powders, you can also consider using scent boosters and fabric softeners/conditioners. We recommend that you check out Airpure, Comfort Creations, Lenor, and Presto.

Keeping your clothes in good condition is not rocket science. Other simple ways to keep your clothes as fresh as possible include:

  • Not leaving your wet (already washed) clothes in the washing machine. It leaves a musty smell on your clothes. Take them out as soon as the cycle has finished
  • Using a tumble dryer only when necessary. We advise that you line-dry your clothes on sunny days. Sun-drying your clothes helps preserve the fragrance from your washing powder and fragrance enhancers. Clothes that go through sun drying come out smelling fresher than those that go through tumble drying. Finally, sunlight helps kill what is left of bacteria on your fabrics
  • Properly storing your clothes in a wardrobe. Do not store dirty clothes with the clean ones as the clean ones will carry the smell
  • Reading the label on your clothes to determine the best way to wash them


It is incredibly satisfying when your clothes look and smell good. As such, we completely understand why you’re looking for excellent smelling washing powders in the UK.

However, it would be best if you did not throw caution to the wind while using these “best smelling washing powders.” Some contain delta-damascone, a chemical compound that can cause allergic reactions when it touches your skin. Also, D-limonene, though minimally toxic, is capable of sensitizing animal and human skin.

Always read the care labels and instructions before use, avoid contact with your eyes or mouth, and always keep away from children.

We hope after this, you will be able to find the most suitable fragrance for your washing and enjoy all the benefits that come with using one of the products we have featured on our list.

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