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Best Tumble Dryer Balls

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With the British weather being so unpredictable it’s no wonder tumble dryers are becoming more and more popular.

You may have just purchased your very first tumble dryer or perhaps you have owned one for some time now, either way we’re sure you would like to keep the cost of running it to a minimum.

This is where tumble dryer balls come in handy. Not only do they keep your laundry soft and reduce creases – they also have the benefit of cutting the drying time of your load, some by up to 30% – with rising living costs this is an ideal way to cutdown on your energy consumption.

Here we have 6 of the best tumble dryer balls, explaining how they work, what they are made of and the benefits of using them.

1. Ecozone Dryer Cubes

ecozone pack of 2 cubes


Quantity: 2 cubes per pack

Material: Thermoplastic rubber

Qualities: Allergy UK safe, animal and vegan friendly

Let’s kick off with an offering from Ecozone, and while you’re thinking they’re not actually balls – don’t worry, they do exactly the same job!

These funky, colourful cubes come in a pack of two and it is recommended that you use both per drying cycle.

They are made from thermoplastic rubber and their design is specifically made in order to lift and separate your clothes, helping the air to circulate more efficiently and dry quickly.

This is thanks to the nodes (or nobbly bits as my daughter likes to call them!) that are all over the sphere.

If you prefer to use products that are animal and vegan friendly, then Ecozone dryer cubes are perfect for you. They are also Allergy UK Friendly so if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or sensitive skin, these dryer cubes would be an ideal choice.

This product is the cheapest on our list, but that doesn’t affect the quality. These cubes are brilliant and definitely recommended.

Top Overall Choice

ecozone pack of 2 cubes

Ecozone have made a perfect addition for any tumble dryer.

They are kind to both your washing and your skin, as well as being small and easy to use, thus being a sound investment.

2. Ezhippie Natural Wool Dryer Balls

wool balls and drawstring bag


Quantity: 6 per bag

Material: New Zealand wool

Qualities: Organic, hypoallergenic

A different type of dryer ball now – these are made from all natural products and if you are conscious of what you put on or near your skin then this offering from Ezhippie is exactly what you need.

They are organic, unscented, anti-allergy balls made from 100% premium wool.

You get six balls in one handy cotton drawstring bag, which is superb for the price considering they can last for up to 1,000 loads (the equivalent of 3 years). The bag also comes in handy for storage when you are not using the balls.

Benefiting from being non-scented they are ideal for allergy sufferers who may not be able to cope with any kind of fragrance or chemicals on their clothing. If however, you want to add a touch of scent, you can add a drop or two of your favourite essential oils.

This will make your load smell fresher for longer, as well as the benefits of the balls aiding to cut your drying time, leave your clothes soft, lint and static free.

The dryer balls shouldn’t get dirty, but if you do think they need a bit of a freshen up, then you can put them in your washing machine on a warm cycle.

Best Natural Product

wool balls and drawstring bag

If you are the kind of person who would rather use 100% natural products – whether it be because a family member has sensitive skin or you like the thought of being environmentally friendly – these wool balls are your best option.

They’re unscented, organic, chemical free – all the attributes you would want from this kind of product.

3. Kikkerland Dryer Ball Buddies

cactus buddies on laundry in dryer


Quantity: 2 per pack

Material: Plastic

Qualities: Quirky, disperse heat easily

Next, we have one for those of you that are not quite ready to grow up and do the mundane everyday chores, but know that if you don’t, you will soon have a household wondering where their freshly dried clothes are!

And so we give you the dryer ball buddies from Kikkerland.

These fun little buddies come in the shape of a cactus, with cute little eyes and a friendly smile surrounded by the useful nodes that help separate your clothing to dry it efficiently.

They come in a pack of 2 and are made of plastic. Dryer buddies are a good choice if you need a little encouragement – these little fellas are certain to put the joy back into any household job.

Perfect Choice For The Young At Heart

cactus buddies on laundry in dryer

The dryer buddies are fun, colourful, kind to your clothes and come in at a great price.

On the practical side, they cut drying time and soften your clothes – making chores a doddle.

4. Kintor Wool Dryer Balls

drawstring bag and wool balls


Quantity: 6 per bag

Material: New Zealand wool

Qualities: Natural, soft, organic

Another set of dryer balls made from 100% wool, this time from Kintor. These balls are hypo-allergenic and a natural alternative for dryer sheets, plastic balls or fabric softener meaning they can be used by those that are prone to sensitive skin.

They sit in the middle of our price list, and when you consider you get 6 dryer balls in every pack, they really are worth the money. With one purchase, you can cut your drying time, reuse them over 1000 times – all while making your laundry dry, fresh, and soft.

Other added qualities of these handmade wool dryer balls are freeing your clothes from static, pet hair, and decreasing the number of wrinkles left in your garments – the thought of less ironing alone is enough to purchase this product right now!

For a small to medium load it is recommended to use 3-4 wool balls, and 6 pieces for a large load.

Like the other wool ball option on this list, you can if you feel the need, pop them in the washing machine to freshen them up. But considering they will only be in your tumble dryer with clean clothes, they shouldn’t really need much cleaning.

The balls come in a handy drawstring bag, so when not in use you can put them away neatly and know that they won’t be dirty if you throw before you next use them.

They are eco-friendly – not using or needing any harsh chemicals and save you money on your energy bills. If you do find you need a little scent to keep your washing fresher for longer then try adding some essential oils to the balls.

Ideal Choice For Larger Households

drawstring bag and wool balls

If you find yourself having the tumble dryer on every day, these wools balls are a great choice. Being able to reuse them will save you money in the long run, and their competitive price makes them a sound investment.

They are organic and natural so will always be kind to your skin and clothes.

5. JML Dryer Balls

dryer balls next to towel


Quantity: 2 per pack

Material: Plastic

Qualities: Gentle on clothes, reduce creases

Another pack of two here and these come from well known brand JML. The label reflects the price of these dryer balls as they are the most expensive on our list – but are still an absolute steal for the longevity and efficiency.

They come in delicate pastel colours and again have the nobbly bits all over the plastic sphere.

The nobbly bits (nodes) help separate the clothes and massage the heat into the garments – helping the air circulate more freely around your load.  This helps maintain the fabrics and gives them their soft feel once the cycle has finished.

And it really is as easy as putting them in the dryer with your wet laundry, then let them work their magic. For a one-off cost you can save money on energy, fabric softener and save time on ironing.

Just pop them in with your load and select your normal drying cycle.

Top Well Known Brand Option

dryer balls next to towel

We’ve all seen JML advertising their products – and these dryer balls are one of the really useful ones.

With nodes all over to separate your clothes and dry them efficiently, you can’t go wrong with buying these to help keep your laundry in great condition.

6. Electrolux Tumble Dryer Balls

green and blue dryer balls


Quantity: 2 per pack

Material: Plastic

Qualities: Non toxic, reduces lint on clothes

Another plastic dryer ball option now, this time from Electrolux.

Similar to others on this list, it comes in a 2 pack and has all the attributes you’ve come to expect throughout this review – they are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and have specially designed nodes.

They are a natural alternative to fabric softeners which is particularly useful for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies from chemicals or fragrances.

These dryer balls are ideal for larger fabrics too, such as towels or bed sheets – you don’t need to worry if you will be left with stale smelling bed sheets or hard towels because after your cycle has finished, you will be left with a soft, fresh and dry load.

All this, as well as cutting drying time by up to 25% and a price that won’t break the bank, this is a product not to be missed. They do sit at the higher end of our price list but are well worth the money – as little as they are, they can make a big difference to the drying quality of your clothes.

Ideal For Larger Loads

green and blue dryer balls

If you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor washing line and you’re worried your larger sheets won’t dry properly – Electrolux has the solution.

Look no further than these dryer balls that reduce your load time and thoroughly dry your towels or bed sheets, as well as your other day to day clothing.


All of these dryer balls we have reviewed today do the same job and they all have the same goal in mind – to save you time and money.

If you like the idea of using completely natural products then we’d suggest you opt for the wool balls, they are also a lot quieter too. If you don’t mind the occasional knocking of the dryer balls in the drum then go with the plastic options.

They are easy to use, don’t take up much space, long lasting and we’ve even added a quirky option in there for those that find the laundry a real bore.

Simply throw them in with your wet laundry, select your preferred drying time and away you go. It can’t get much easier than that. When you’re not using them, they can be kept in your dryer or easily stored in a cupboard or drawer – no more bulky bottles of fabric softener taking up valuable space.

You may not be keen on the thought of having to fork out for fabric softener every couple of weeks, or you need to budget for your bills with ever rising costs.

Whatever the reason, we think you’ll be happy with any purchase on this list and be pleasantly surprised at how soft and fresh you laundry will be after using any of these tumble dryer balls.

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