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Best Vented Tumble Dryers

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The old way of drying clothes on a clothesline is effective, but it can be problematic – we all know how unpredictable British weather can be! Thankfully, that is where tumble dryers come into their own.

With so many kinds of dryers available today – from vented tumble dryers to condensers to heat pump dryers, choosing the best dryer is a bit tricky.

Vented dryers are sought after because they’re the most affordable option, and you don’t have to empty water cylinders, as you would with condenser dryers. Also, they are more energy-saving than condensers. 

That said, we’ve compiled a list of the six best vented tumble dryers available on the market. We didn’t just go window shopping to locate these products, we conducted thorough research of the products and brands that are used by everyday people.

Family size, energy consumption, number of drying options, and price are some factors we considered. So let’s delve deeper into some of the best vented tumble dryers for your needs. 

Top 6 Vented Tumble Dryers

1. Vented Tumble Dryer By Beko

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Model: DTGV7000W

Drum Capacity: 7kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 85.6cm(h) x 58.4cm(w) x 59.7cm(d)

Beko give us a superb tumble dryer to kick start our list off. It is perfect if you are searching for a high-performance dryer but have limited space in your home.

The DTGV7000W model has 15 drying programmes that can maintain quality while maximising space. 

The simple dial on the front of the machine makes it easy to select the programme you need. These include cotton iron dry, gentle care, and a towels option.



  • Gentle on clothes
  • 15 drying programmes
  • Eco-dry function
  • Child lock feature
  • Flimsy door

With a humidity sensor being able to look after your clothes, it is an ideal choice for drying babywear.

The efficiency of this appliance is brilliant – with its automatic drying sensors that turn off the machine once clothes are dry, you won’t need to worry about your energy bills being too high.

 In addition, if you’re always on the move and don’t have time to unload your laundry, this dryer will rotate the drum after each cycle for up to two hours. The intermittent drum rotation ensures wrinkle-free clothing, so you won’t have to iron your clothes.

Other notable features include a useful LED dryness indication light and a child safety feature.

Best Overall Pick

beko tumble dryer image

The Beko tumble dryer is perfect for all your drying needs, with 15 programmes to choose from you will be able to dry a variety of fabrics.

It is efficient on energy and time and is an ideal choice families with limited space.

2. Indesit Vented Tumble Dryer

dryer with door open


Model: I1D80WUK

Drum Capacity: 8kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 595cm(w) x 67cm(d)

Between April 2004 and September 2015, some tumble dryers by Indesit were discontinued due to a risk of fire caused by fluff coming into contact with the heating elements. This setback hit the Italian manufacturer hard.

Indesit went back to the drawing board, changed the design, and this is the result – the new I1 D80W tumble dryer.

The two most exciting highlights of this product are its drum capacity and the simpleness of its design.

The dryer from Indesit features an 8kg drum capacity and with the Turn & Go technology, it really is as easy as pushing a button. It simply gives you the heat and a timer for each cycle.



  • Great value for money
  • Simple operation
  • Large drum capacity 
  • No display
  • The metal vent pipe is not easy to fit 

It features a pulse filter that keeps your filter fluff-free; think of it as a filter for your filter. 

Also, the door has hinges on the right-hand side which is great if you’re a left-hander, but it might feel awkward for right-handers. Nevertheless, the machine is easy to use, and it dries clothes quickly.

Useful features include high and low heat options, refresh cycle, and reverse tumble action which is great for reducing creases – who really enjoys ironing anyway?!

For peace of mind you get a 10-year parts warranty and a 1-year labour warranty. And for a price of under £300 this vented tumble dryer is well worth the money.

Ideal Choice For Simplicity

dryer with door open

The tumble dryer by Indesit is designed to be simple, yet effective.

If you only want to use a dryer for certain items or fabrics then this choice is perfect for you. Without too many settings, it is easy to select what you need and be on with your day.

3. Zanussi Vented Tumble Dryer

Dryer showing dial and buttons


Model: ZTE7101PZ

Drum Capacity: 7kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(d)

Another well-known brand now – Zanussi have been in the home appliance business since 1916, and they continue to impress customers with quality products that stand the test of time.

The ZTE7101PZ vented tumble dryer features a large 7kg drum, perfect for a medium-sized family.

It has a sizable door that allows easy loading and unloading of items. And with its click shut feature, you won’t have to worry about your toddler slamming shut the dryer door when they want to help with the chores!



  • 14 drying programmes
  • Large porthole 
  • Three vent positions 
  • Easy installation 
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • No delay timer 
  • No setting to pre-set programme cycle

Zanussi’s tumble dryer also has three vent options; left, right, and behind the dryer – giving you a number of options for positioning your vent hose. 

Another exciting feature of this dryer is the 14 drying programmes it has to offer, ranging from anti-crease to quick dry to sports or wool programmes. 

Now to the big question, “Is the dryer energy efficient?” Most vented tumble dryers are rated C, with the most energy-saving models rated B.

This particular product is rated C, but you needn’t worry about spending a lot on electricity bills because it works pretty fast, resulting in less energy consumption. There’s also sensor drying which automatically ends the programme when your garments are dry enough.

Great Option For Versatility

Dryer showing dial and buttons

Zanussi have given us a great product here.

With a plethora of programmes and fast results, it is an appliance that any household will benefit from.

4. AEG Vented Tumble Dryer

dryer with door and controls


Model: T65170AV

Drum Capacity: 7kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(d)

If you are looking for a tumble dryer that dries clothes in a short time and is easy on your bank balance, then this machine from AEG might be just what you need.

When we first considered the dryer’s measurements, we were worried the hose wouldn’t fit right. But there’s nothing to worry about; the dimensions are from the top, resulting in a 4-inch overhang from the back. So, the measurements are just fine. 

Some of the features AEG have added to the design of this appliance include a rotating drum – separating and drying clothes more evenly, it has a large door that encloses its decent sized 7kg drum, and a delay function that allows you to start the dryer when it is most convenient for you.



  • Multiple drying options 
  • Quiet operation
  • Dries items quickly 
  • Wide loading door
  • It does not work when the temperature is less than 5 degrees

The dryer has unique settings that leave bulkier items such as jeans perfectly dry.

Also, there’s the option of a refresh cycle which is ideal for refreshing clothes you’ve had stored away – when it’s time to reach out your favourite summer outfit from the back of the wardrobe, you can use this programme for a quick clothes pick-me-up.

All of the programmes can be chosen by using the easy-to-read dial on the front of the machine and with its quiet engineering you can use this tumble dryer without being disturbed too much.

Top Choice For Speed

dryer with door and controls

With a variety of drying programmes, quick drying times and the machine being quiet when in use, it is easy to see why the AEG tumble dryer has made our list.

5. Vented Tumble Dryer By Hoover

tumble dryer in room


Model: HLEV10LG

Drum Capacity: 10kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(d)

This choice by hoover gives us the largest drum capacity on our list today – an impressive 10kg to be exact.

If you’re part of a larger family or you need a machine big enough to dry your duvets, then this is the perfect tumble dryer for you.

This Hoover dryer offers settings suitable for all types of clothes. If you’ve got jeans, wool, silk, and items made of other materials, you can set the machine for the particular fabric.



  • Spacious drum 
  • Noticeably quiet 
  • Leaves cloth smooth and warm 
  • Smartphone connectivity via NFC 
  • Energy rating may result in extra expenses

Technology these days is getting better and better, and our lives are more manageable as a result. This vented tumble dryer features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that allows you to control the machine with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

NFC connections are usually short-range, but you can expect a transmission distance of up to 8cm. You can start a dry cycle, change settings, or end a cycle without touching your dryer. 

Furthermore, Hoover updates its mobile application, allowing you to download new dry cycles as they discover better ways to serve you. The dryer has Smart sensors which stop the machine when items are dry.

The machine comes in sleek white which will fit nicely into any household.

Perfect For Larger Households

tumble dryer in room

Hoover have given us a massive capacity drum with their tumble dryer, so if you have a large family or just need to dry a big load this is just the appliance you need.

Combining the latest technology with an aesthetically pleasing look, this appliance will fit any modern home.

6. Logik Vented Tumble Dryer

dryer with door open


Model: LVD7W18

Drum Capacity: 7kg

Energy Rating: C

Dimensions: 84cm(h) x 59.5cm(w) x 55cm (d)

Currys Retailers have been around since the 80s’, and it is exciting to see that they have used their years of experience to manufacture quality, affordable household appliances.

If you didn’t know, Currys PLC owns the Logik brand. 

We think the most attractive aspect of this product is its price. The Logik LVD7W18 sells for under £200, and you don’t sacrifice build quality for this price range.

This vented tumble dryer features a slim design that fits into small spaces – perfect for those of you that are short on space in your home or who may not have access to an outside clothes line.



  • Affordable price
  • Dries well in good time
  • Easy to use 
  • Compact size
  • No adjustable drying options 
  • It may require a longer hose 
  • The filter is challenging to clean

The Logik dryer is also easy to use, as the functions are straightforward; there’s no need to worry about learning new features. At the touch of a button you can easily begin your chosen drying cycle.

Yet, one downside to this simplicity is the number of drying options. There are only four drying options on this device. However, it won’t be a problem if you’re not interested in having tailored drying modes for different types of clothes. 

Useful features this appliance has to offer are its 1-hour dry function, meaning you can dry your clothes when you need them in a hurry and a delay timer of 3, 6 or 9 hours.

Best Value For Money Option

dryer with door open

The vented tumble dryer by Logik is ideal if you are looking for a simple design, compact and quick – then you’ve found your new best friend.

At an affordable price, the Logik dryer is your best option.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Vented Tumble Dryer

Energy efficiency rating

Tumble dryers aren’t entirely cheap. The lowest price of a dryer is about £170, while some get as high as £1,300. However, the upfront cost is almost negligible compared to its operational cost for as long as you use it. 

Besides, it’s better to go for dryers that don’t consume too much electricity. The new UK energy rating system spans from A to G. ‘A’ signifies the most energy-efficient appliances, while ‘G’ connotes the least energy-saving machine. So, cut down on your electricity bill by going for a dryer that’s high on the energy rating ladder. 

Drum capacity

Are you single or part of a large family? If your laundry demands aren’t so high, then a 7kg drum dryer might be ideal for you. It’ll be enough to handle clothes, bedsheets, and maybe a duvet. But, if you’ve got a lot of laundry, then you’re better off with the 8kg, 9kg, or 10kg drum capacity, depending on your laundry volume. 

The number of drying programmes

Modern dryers have many drying programmes that you might never use. With more options, the complexity of the machine will increase. So, if you prefer something simpler, then an appliance with four to six drying programmes might be all you need.

If you want more tailored options for different kinds of clothes, then you should go for vented tumble dryers with more programmes.

Additional features

Some dryers have child-lock, reversible doors, delay start cycles, etc. If you have a curious youngster, you should get a dryer with a child-lock feature. When this feature is activated, your child won’t be able to tamper with the appliance when you’re not looking. 

Also, some dryers come with a ‘delay start cycle’ – you can get one to control when each drying cycle begins. 


1. Are vented tumble dryers being phased out?

Yes, vented tumble dryers are going out of style. Vented dryers consume a lot of energy, so more energy-efficient dryers are replacing them. Heat pump type dryers are currently the greenest option on the market, but they can be expensive. 

Regardless, however, vented tumble dryers can still be incredibly useful, especially if you buy the right product. As such, it is important for you to pay a substantial amount of attention to the brand you purchase from, as well as the model you end up settling with. 

2. How does a vented tumble dryer work?

Vented tumble dryers draw in air from their surroundings and heat it. As warm air passes through the garments, the moisture evaporates, and the air is sent outside through a hose. That is why the water from the hose comes out as steam rather than liquid.

3. Why does my vented tumble dryer leak water?

Vented dryers usually leak water when the ventilation hose is blocked. Warm air condenses and gathers as water when the dryer cannot send it to the vent. Check the free end of your ventilation hose to ensure the passage isn’t clogged.  

4. Are vented tumble dryers safe?

Tumble dryers are generally safe. However, some brands may have defective filters that may catch fire if fluff comes in contact with heating elements.  

5. Can I use a vented tumble dryer without a hose?

Vented tumble dryers can work without a hose if freestanding, but it is best to vent your dryer externally. If you don’t vent your dryer, damp air will fill the room, and lint will be noticeable on the floor. Over time, you may also notice lint on your garments.  

6. Are vented tumble dryers better than condenser dryers?

Deciding which type of dryer is better depends on personal preference. Vented tumble dryers are cheaper and more energy-efficient than condenser dryers, but condenser dryers do not require external venting, making them a good option for some people.  

7. Are heat pump dryers better than vented tumble dryers?

Heat pump dryers consume less energy than vented dryers because they operate at lower temperatures than the latter. As a result, heat dryers are a bit slower than vented tumble dryers. The upfront cost of heat dryers is higher than vented dryers, but they cost less to operate in the long run. 

8. Must dryers be vented outside?

Dryers have to be vented, but the venting model utilized depends on the type of dryer you use. Gas dryers need to be vented outside because they expel carbon monoxide, which can be harmful if vented indoors. Indoor venting is only used when there is no external wall to run the ventilation hose.

9. What happens if a dryer isn’t vented?

If you don’t vent your dryer, you’ll have wet air filling the room, which over time can cause damp or mould. Lint will accumulate on the floor and begin collecting on your clothes.

10. How do you make a vented dryer ventless?

The first step is to determine if the dryer is electric or gas. Then, connect one end of the flexible silver duct to the dryer’s back exhaust opening. Repeat this procedure on the hole of the lint trap lid. Finally, fill the lint trap base with water until it reaches the fill line, ideally one to two inches deep. Continue this procedure if you own an electric dryer.


Although vented tumble dryers are slowly phasing out of the market, they are still one of the most affordable type of dryers available. A clothesline might be all you need during the warm summers. However, things aren’t always that straightforward with Britain’s unpredictable weather. So, an efficient dryer will ensure your large wash loads are dry, fresh, and ready for use in a short time. 

We considered the needs of our readers while compiling this list. You can rest assured, the products featured on this page are of a quality build, easy to use, and efficient for drying your garments.

However, we recommend picking the vented dryer based on your basic needs. What’s the point of having so many functions if you won’t need them? 

Nevertheless, we are sure that our detailed review of the top 6 vented tumble dryers, along with our buyer’s guide, will give you enough scope to choose the best tumble dryer for your home.

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