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Best Washing Machines Under £300

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Washing machines are quite simply a necessity of modern life. Unfortunately there aren’t that many decent options under the £300 mark when it comes to quality and energy consumption.

But there are a few hidden gems out there and we have made it our mission to find the best washing machines under £300 to save you from hours of endless searching.

We have tried to only include sub-£300 washing machines that are not going to cost you a fortune in running costs and that also perform to a high enough standard so that an average family would be happy with the washing results.

Let’s be honest here… no-one is going to be thanking you for the amazingly clean washing, but then again… you shouldn’t be getting any complaints either if you stick to the models on this list.

So… let’s take a look at the best washing machines available for under £300 today.

Our Top 5 Washing Machines Under £300

1. Beko WTK92151W


Load Capacity: 9kg drum capacity

Dimensions: 84cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 64cm (d)

Energy Rating: B

Fast Cycle: Yes – 28 mins

When it comes to the budget appliances Beko have cornered the market in many regards. However, gone are the days when Beko was considered to be a cheap and cheerful brand.

In fact, these days Beko are right up there in terms of build quality when it comes to their laundry appliances.

The Beko WTK92151W washing machine does not disappoint and with a 9kg drum size and an energy efficiency B rating, it is an ideal choice for small to medium sized families, couples or single occupancy households.

The housing of this Beko washing machine is not too big considering the 9kg load capacity and it includes a wide rage of pre-set programmes.

A maximum spin speed of 1200rpm is more than sufficient for most domestic washes and it has one of the quietest wash cycles we have witnessed at this price point which makes it ideal for use in the home or even for open plan living situations. If you need your washing in a hurry or just don’t want to run the machine for a long time then there is a fast wash option which completes in 28 minutes. In fact, the loudest this machine gets is 75DB and that is during the spin cycle.

There is a digital display for all the key information which includes a countdown timer showing when your wash will complete and you get a standard 1 year warranty when you purchase it. User reviews are well above average for home appliances and considering the price point of this machine it is hard to argue against it.

Top Pick

This budget model from Beko is a great choice for anyone who is on a budget but still wants a decent quality machine.

With a 28 minute fast wash and a relatively quiet running volume this is areal budget bargain that produces great results.

2. Candy Smart Pro

Candy Smart Pro Washing Machine


Load Capacity: 9kg drum capacity

Dimensions: 85cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 52cm (d)

Energy Rating: A

Fast Cycle: Yes – 3 with the fastest being 14 minutes

You may or may not consider Candy to be one of the big names when it comes to washing machines but the truth of the matter is that Candy carry a lot of clout in the domestic cleaning market. In fact, since their inception in the 1950’s, they have gone on to acquire many big brands including Hoover European Appliances.

The Italian company has a Warrington base for it’s operations in the UK and has produced some really innovative washing machines in recent years, not least with their Rapido ‘connected’ washing machines launched in 2019. You may not get bluetooth or wifi connectivity with the Candy Smart Pro but you are getting a washing machine that punches way above it’s sub £300 price tag.

We are featuring the black version of the Smart Pro and at the time of writing this was available for well under £300. The white model was just over our £300 budget but still offers incredible value for money.

The Smart Pro comes with a 9kg drum capacity which will be ideal for couples and small families and it has an ‘A’ class energy rating. Add to that the fact that it has no less than three fast cycles of 14 minutes, 30 minutes and 44 minutes – and you can rely on this washing machine to get you out of a pinch.

What we loved about this model in particular is the LCD display, the 14 available programmes and the NFC connectivity to upload new programmes and run diagnostic tests on the machine (in case of fault).

The official decibel rating of this machine is 61db which is not too bad, however we did find it to be pretty violent in its spin cycle so be aware of that if using in the main living space. This model is ideal for those with smaller kitchens though and thanks to the depth being just 52cm it is ideal for those with worktops of smaller depths.

There is a weight based programme on this machine that we absolutely loved as it weighs out the load and then uses the correct amount of water and length of washing time needed for that specific load – this is designed to save you money and be kinder on the environment.

Overall, the Smart Pro is a really easy to use machine, looks the part and performs well with moderate and small loads. A real winner when looking for a washing machine under £300!

3. Hoover H-Wash 300

hoover h wash 300 machine


Load Capacity: 9kg drum capacity

Dimensions: 85cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 52cm (d)

Energy Rating: D

Fast Cycle: Yes – 3 fast cycles

As mentioned previously, Candy acquired Hoover back in 1995 and therefore it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Hoover’s best sub-£300 washing machine bares many striking similarities to the Candy Smart Pro.

In fact, with the exception of a slightly different display, the H-Wash 300 is about as similar as it gets – although there is some disparity between the energy ratings of the two so we gave marginal preference to the Candy model.

You still get the 9kg drum, the NFC connectivity (Android only), 3 fast washing cycles and a wide range of programmes including the weight based programme.

The dimensions of this machine are pretty close the Candy too although we did find the spin cycle on this model did not make quite so much noise as that of the Smart Pro. Again, it will be a great machine for single occupancy homes, couples and small families and in our testing it performed well at removing some pretty stubborn stains.

All in all, the Hoover H-Wash 300 is a great choice and is well worth it for those with smaller spaces or smaller load needs.

4. Hotpoint NSWM742UWUKN

Hotpoint NSWM742UWUKN


Load Capacity: 7kg drum capacity

Dimensions: 85cm (h) x 59.5cm (w) x 51.6cm (d)

Energy Rating: A+++

Fast Cycle: Yes – Quickest is 10 minutes

Hotpoint is generally considered the king of washing machine brands. Now, whilst we aren’t necessarily all about the big brands here at Washing Check, we do recognise there is a reason for Hotpoint’s mighty reputation. Simply put, they make very good washing machines.

To find a Hotpoint washing machine for under £300 is not an easy task and while this machine will certainly not suit all households, those with small washing demands will find this machine is ideal.

The 7kg capacity drum may not match those 9kg options listed above but it is still greater than many of the other budget machines (many offer 5kg and 6kg models) and if you do not need a 9kg drum then 7kg could be a good middle ground.

As the drum holds less washing you will benefit from a slightly smaller footprint too and sometimes that extra half a centimetre can make all the difference when squeezing an appliance in to a space – so if you are short of space this could be a good option for you.

This Hotpoint washing machine had some of the best user reviews we saw when checking user satisfaction with its high performance being the most lauded characteristic. It has some excellent features, including 16 programmes to choose from and a A+++ rating for exceptional energy performance – making it kind on your pocket and the environment.

The user interface is fairly simple and it is intuitive to use with a standard dial and button concept and well lit LCD.

There is a super fast wash cycle of just 10 minutes although this should be reserved for the lightest of soiled loads – but a 10 minute cycle is a great option to have. The standard fast 30 minute cycle is also great for when you need to get the washing done quickly.

All in all, this is a top option and about as good as it gets for a Hotpoint washer at a budget price and if you don’t need the 9kg drum then this could be the ideal choice.

5. BEKO WTL104121W Washing Machine

Beko WTL104121W


Load Capacity: 10kg drum capacity

Dimensions: 84cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 64cm (d)

Energy Rating: B

Fast Cycle: Yes – 28 minutes

This is the highest capacity machine to make our ‘under £300’ list and although it’s not the most exciting machine to look at in terms of design, it actually performs pretty well considering its low price point – and, let’s be honest, you aren’t buying a washing machine for its looks alone.

The 10kg drum means that even larger families will likely find the capacity of this machine at least adequate, and most likely more than enough for regular washing. There are a wide range of programmes available to choose from, with the fast 28 minute cycle and the anti-pollen programme being worthy of particular mention.

The fast cycle may not be the quickest of those we have reviewed on this page but it performs well and could even be used regularly so long as your washing is not heavily soiled. The anti-pollen cycle is ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin which again makes it ideal for families with young children.

The BEKO WTL104121W is not the quietest model we tested with an official noise level rating of 76db during the spin cycle – however, it is also not the most violent of spinners and is suitable for kitchen or utility rooms.

The motor used in the this BEKO model is brushless which usually means it will last longer and the reliability of BEKO washing machines are generally very good.

All in all, this model is a top option for mid-sized families or those that just want the option of a larger load when needed. In terms of price, it offers exceptional value at well below £300.

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