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Best Water Softeners

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A water softener does exactly as its name suggests – it softens water. If you live in an area where hard water is common, then these handy machines can be an absolute godsend. Today we will be looking at the best water softeners available to buy for UK homes.

And even if the water you use is not so hard, you can still enjoy the benefits of using a water softener. With different settings and the ability to alter the hardness of your water you can achieve the best results for your home.

Adding salt to the tank of your water softener is essential to help soften the water, again the amount you use will depend on your water hardness and the household water consumption. The salt is used during regeneration where the resin that has treated the water needs to be flushed because it cannot filter any more minerals.

So, let’s talk about why hard water occurs. Hard water can be caused by a build-up of different minerals, mainly being calcium and magnesium. When the minerals are travelling through the water they eventually end up in our pipes, having been unable to break them down beforehand.

While hard water is not harmful to our health it does result in a plethora of other issues that households, we’re sure, would rather avoid. These include, but are not limited to

  • Rust – Pipes and taps will over time become rusty. Stains can be seen in your toilet, sinks or baths because of such build-up of
  • Ineffective washing machines – clothes may seem dull after a washing cycle and sometimes a film build-up can be left on your garments because the machine has not been able to work to its full potential, therefore detergent residue makes your clothes feel unclean
  • Scale build-up – this can be seen on your taps and plugholes. It is a white chalky residue that can be difficult to clean the longer it is left and does look unsightly. It can also decrease the quality of appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine and shower

We now know the effects hard water can have on your appliances and the way it can impact your everyday life and keeping your home clean. So, let’s take a look at the best water softeners on the market that can keep hard water at bay and make things a little easier for you.

Water2Buy Water Softener

First up we have a water softener by Water2Buy. This useful piece of equipment claims to give you limescale free water. It is made from hardwearing materials giving you a quality device that softens your water by connecting to the main water supply in your home.

The water softener kit has features such as an adjustable water hardness valve, meaning you can change this to your desired level of softness which is ideal if you live in a particularly hard water area. There is also an automatic digital meter control, a water by-pass valve and a fine mesh resin for low salt use.

It is easy to install thanks to the included manual and for those of you that enjoy everything tech – you can use the QR code included or download the app on your App Store.

During normal use the machine is quiet, although it can be a little noisier during regeneration – making a similar noise to a dishwasher. Regeneration is the automatic self-cleaning process. It will only clean when necessary thanks to its ability to measure the water usage. We like the efficiency of this feature.

You also get connection fittings and a power supply cable as you would expect. However, you will have to purchase the installation kit separately – this consists of an overflow pipe, drain line pipe, and a water hardness test strip.

This sits in the middle of our price list and is a great choice for those in the market for a decent water softener. It removes calcium and magnesium from the water so you can sit back and enjoy a fresh tasting cup of tea or coffee knowing you have purchased a long-lasting machine that will make a difference to your household.

BWT Electronic Water Softener

Next, we have an offering from BWT which is a brilliant piece of equipment.

Again, this machine has a number of features, all helping towards the ease of use in the home.

You will spend less time cleaning your sinks, taps, showers, etc because the build-up of limescale and other deposits will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Softer water means your showers will leave you feeling fresher and more relaxed, similarly your laundry will feel softer and cleaner next to your skin thanks to the softer water passing through your washing machine.

With an easy set up and the system only working when you need it, you will save energy, water, and salt. You can set the time, water hardness and regeneration time to best suit your needs.

The water softener should easily fit in your cupboard making it easy to store and the fact that you won’t have another appliance on show or be losing any floor space is a bonus.

We like the convenience of this machine and think it is definitely one to consider.

Tapworks Ultra 9 Water Softener

This is one of the more expensive on our list, but for good reason. It is a really useful piece of equipment. It is easy to install and use, and with the hoses included you don’t have any extra costs, apart from the salt, which along with the others on this list, you have to purchase separately.

The recommended household size for this machine is 1 to 5 people, yet the actual machine is still quite small which means it can fit under your kitchen cupboard. This is ideal if you do not have the space for another appliance.

We like the LCD display which makes it easy to view important features such as hardness, time, average water consumption of the last 7 days, and much more.

It comes in a pleasant grey and white colour scheme, which is in-keeping with a lot of modern homes these days, so if you did want to leave it on show in your home, it would not look out of place in a kitchen or utility room.

If you have a little bit extra to spend, this would be a sound investment.

Philips Water X-Guard On-Tap Water Filter

This is a little different to the others on our list and is by far the cheapest option.

Well known all over the world, Philips give us the on-tap water filter. While this device isn’t a complete water softener (it won’t benefit your showers or washing machine), it will give you fresh, crisp water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning with.

It fits most household kitchen taps and could even be used in your bathroom, which would provide fresh water for washing. This will benefit your skin greatly.

It claims to remove certain substances to give you fresher and cleaner tasting water. The on-tap water filter comes with adapters included and following the instructions, you should be able to fit everything with ease.

You also have three settings that give you different water streams which is easily changed by turning the nozzle.

There is a timer on the device that lets you know when the filter needs changing, this is a simple process and can be done quickly when needed.

If your main concern is better drinking water, then this option is by far the one for you and at the price of these handy filters you cannot go wrong.

Water Softener – Crown By Harveys

The last one on our list today comes from Harveys and this is by far our most expensive of all the water softeners. If you have the money to make a big one-off purchase, we suggest giving this some serious thought.

This would be ideal for the office or workplace but can also be bought for the home.

The unit comes in a white finish with a clear lid – you can see just how much of your salt block is left which is handy.

Running entirely on water pressure, it is easily installed and will not need any extra electrical usage making it more energy friendly, which is something we could all do with these days!

It comes with an installation kit and instructions so you shouldn’t run into any difficulty fitting it and you also get a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

The company claims this water softener can get rid of limescale that builds up, giving you fresher water that can be used for cooking, drinking and bathing.

Not to mention it will take less time to clean your taps or shower – the residue from limescale can dull your taps and reduce the pressure coming from your shower, therefore eliminating the problem will cut your cleaning time and give you a refreshing shower once again.

How to know which water softener is the right one for you

So now you’ve got the options, but you’re still not sure which one to choose. There are a few things you can take into consideration to make sure you buy the best one for your home, office or workspace.

Price – This is all dependent on your budget. If a water softener is something you’ve specifically been saving for, or it is an essential purchase and money isn’t an issue then you could probably go for the more expensive model. Fortunately, if you do find yourself in need of one but you are on a bit of a budget, there are great options out there.

Space – You need to think about where you will be keeping your water softener. Do you have the space under your sink or in a cupboard near the pipes? We’d recommend checking the dimensions of the unit before committing to buying one. The last thing you want to do is buy one, only to find out you have no room for it.

Usage – If you are going to be using your water softener every day then you may want one that can hold a larger capacity of water. Tanks differ in size, which will also impact on the price you pay. Take into consideration how much use you think you will actually get from it.

Capacity – How big your household is will play a part in the size of the water softener you will need. As stated above capacity is important and these units are all different sizes. If you have a bigger family who will be using a lot more water for showers, cooking, and cleaning you will require one with a bigger tank.

How hard your water is – Thinking about this gives you scope to buy a machine that is less expensive, for instance if your home is not in an area where the water is extremely hard, you may not need to go as far as getting the water softener from Harveys that has a twin tank. If your showers or washing machines and bigger appliances do not seem to be affected, you may just want to opt for the Philips on-tap system to give you softer drinking water.

The bottom line is – do your research. The more information you gather the better, and you will be prepared for everything you need to make your purchase.


There you have it, the top 5 water softeners for you to choose from.

With a range of prices, features, and sizes this list really has given a wide range for any circumstance and we’re sure you will be able to find the most suitable for your household.

The difference one of these water softeners will make to your life will be remarkable. We can all get used to something, just as easily as getting into a routine – it just becomes normal. So as soon as you start to use one of these machines you will notice the difference.

The taste of your water, the feel of your skin – from washing your hands to enjoying a luxurious bath. You will have softer water, less cleaning, and an all-round healthier home.

We hope we have given you everything you need and have helped make your choice and buying process a little easier.

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