Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine Review

Spending your money on washing machines is not something you might wish to do every year and buying a washing machine from such a well-known and trusted brand as Bosch once, will definitely rid the need for even such an exhausting thought.

In this detailed Bosch Serie 4 washing machine review, we discuss what is unique about this machine and why it is such a sound investment.

serie 4 machine


Load Capacity: 8kg

Dimensions: 55cm(l) x 59.8cm(w) x 84.8cm(h)

Weight: 69kg

Colour: White or Silver

Energy Rating: C

Settings: 15 programmes

The Bosch Serie 4 WAN28281GB washing machine is your companion on hectic laundry days. With its innovative and efficient performance, the Bosch washing machine makes your day more productive.

Having 15 different operating modes on the washing machine – there is certainly going to be a programme for everyone, meaning you are able to get on with the other household chores while the Serie 4 takes care of your laundry.

Using the various wash cycles in this machine, there are a few things that Bosch promises to you. Different wash cycles make no compromise on the quality of the fabric. The cleaning is done thoroughly without you having to rerun the machine in a few days. The 2-year warranty from the manufacturers backs the performance of the washing machine. 


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The Bosch Serie 4 washing machine has a flexible and sleek design. It is a free-standing washing machine with a variety of settings. All the machine’s controls are on display at the front, and the LED screen along the buttons displays all the settings for you to navigate through them quickly. 

The Serie 4 has different models that have varying drum capacities. The drum capacity has sizes ranging from 7-9 kg – we are looking at the 8kg model. The machine weighs 69.6kg which might be hard to carry around and install but once in place it will fit into any modern kitchen or laundry room with its crisp white finish.

Stainless steel is the prime material used to manufacture machine parts, and these machine parts are resistant to corrosion. All the details of the Bosch washing machine are manufactured in Germany to ensure top-notch quality.

Modes and Features

The Bosch washing machine has 15 different modes. It has an allergy plus mode, shirts mode, sportswear mode, and if you are washing sweaters, there is a mode for that too. When using a feature specifically designed to perform that particular task, you will quickly achieve the desired goal. This way, the quality of the fabric you are cleaning is not compromised.

We’ve listed a few of its programmes and features below.

Allergy Plus

As stated above, this Bosch washing machine has a feature called allergy plus. Indicated by the name, it helps get rid of the dirt that might trigger any allergy – this can be small dust particles, dust mites, pollen, and other bugs.

In this feature, the machine washes the clothes at high and constant temperatures. While the temperature is maintained, the drum holding the clothes is given various run cycles for a thorough wash.

Active Water Plus Technology 

The active water plus technology ensures the optimum use of water. This mode uses the minimum amount of water even for a small number of clothes. The sensors manage the water supply in the washing machine and carry this process out automatically. They also manage the amount of detergent needed with the supplied amount of water. This way, the water consumption is kept at an optimum amount, and no water goes to waste. 

Reload Feature

Do you ever start your washing cycle, only to turn round and see that sock lying on the floor? That little item of clothing that always seems to escape your grip when carrying the load from the basket to the machine!

The reload function allows you to pause the machine and add in any items that have been dropped or simply forgotten about – without having to stop the cycle entirely and start all over again. This feature simply pauses the washing process, saving you time and making the machine more feasible to use. 

In most other machines, the cycle needs to stop completely then start again, requiring more energy and time consumption.

Freshen up Clothes

There are some clothes that you might want to clean up a little differently from others that you simply expose to water or detergent. The Bosch washing machine has a feature for that too. The active oxygen feature refreshes the clothes by injecting clothes with a cold fog of oxygen. All the old worn-out clothes can brighten up after this cycle of 45 minutes. 

machine control panel

Efficient Motor

The efficient motor powers the washing machine drum to rotate at 1400 RPM (rotations per minute). The higher the RPM, the faster the washing machine. However, for the ideal performance of a washing machine, 1200-1400 is perfect. Thus, ensuring fast performance as well as thorough cleaning. 

The motor used in this machine is a brushless machine motor. The advantage of having a brushless motor is that it uses only magnetic force to power the device. In this way, there is no risk of the machine overheating or burning. 

Quiet Operation

One thing you will hear about the Bosch Serie 4 machine is that it is quiet. It will not annoy you with loud noises while the drum rotates. It performs so silently that you might even forget that the machine is running. 

The washing machine has an anti-vibration design that keeps the wall of the machine from shaking. While the drum is in rotation, the vibrations tend to make significant noise, but there are no such noises with the anti-vibration design.

The machine produces 52 dB at its quietest operation. In contrast, the sound of a normal conversation is 60 dB – this is useful to know when you are purchasing a washing machine, especially if you have an open plan living space and do not want the sound of the cycle to disturb your conversations with dinner guests or wake a baby having their afternoon nap.

Time Efficient

With its SpeedPerfect feature, this washing machine from Bosch saves you having to wait around for your cycle to finish. It reduces the duration of each cycle and increases the speed by 65% without compromising the wash quality. While the course of the cycle is reduced, the same performance is achieved by increasing efficiency. The motor works hard to wash better in less time. Nevertheless, it also consumes more energy as compared to the standard model. 



  • Value for money
  • Allergy plus mode
  • Ideal water use
  • Quiet performance
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • User instructions can be difficult to access at first
  • Some programmes take too long

What can you benefit from it?

With all these features, there are some extraordinary things you can benefit from as a user.

Easy to use: The Bosch washing machine has simple-to-use tools. All the buttons and modes are laid out on the front and can be accessed easily once you have read the user manual.

Good drum capacity: The washing drum has an excellent capacity, which saves you from running the machine again and again – perfect for bigger households.

Integrated sensors: The sensors in the machine detect the type of fabric that is in your load and uses the amount of detergent accordingly. In this way, no water or detergent goes to waste, and the results will always be clean and fresh clothes.

10-year warranty: The product overall has a warranty of 2 years, whereas the parts of the machine have a warranty of 10 years. However, the parts are made of stainless steel and do not rust. In case of any problem, you can easily replace the machine parts.

Time efficient: The machine is fast and can assist you with a quick wash with its speed fast mode. However, for complete and long cycles, it can take up to 3 hours. 


  • Is it hard to install a Bosch Serie 4 washing machine?

Bosch Serie 4 washing machine is a freestanding machine. It can be installed simply by following the instruction manual. In case of any trouble, you can call a professional for assistance. 

  • How many wash modes does Bosch Serie 4 have?

There are 4 basic wash programmes and an additional 10 modes. These advanced features give users more control over washing their clothes.

  • How long is the Bosch warranty?

Bosch offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The machine parts, on the other hand, have a warranty of 10 years. In case of a need for replacement of any part upon failure or rust, the company will offer a suitable change.

  • How does the Bosch Serie 4 compare to older models?

The exterior design of the Bosch Serie 4 hasn’t changed much as compared to other models of Bosch washing machines. However, the internal technology is far more advanced. It’s more reliable and efficient.


serie 4 machine

The Bosch Serie 4 washing machine is one of the best washing machines out on the market. It’s that one name that will always show on the list somehow.

What’s so special about this machine? As discussed in this Bosch Serie 4 washing machine review, this machine is flexible with a wide range of different functions.

In addition, it allows you to be creative with the way you wash your clothes, all while ensuring the quality of your fabric remains intact while the wash cycles are complete in the desired time.

Above all, the machine is worth the money and time you spend on it. It pays off by providing you with properly cleaned and washed clothes to wear daily. 

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