Gtech Multi-K9 Review

Getting a compatible vacuum cleaner that is cordless and easy to move around may have seemed like wishful thinking a decade ago, but nowadays the market is becoming more and more popular.

There have never been more competitors in the race to produce the best quality cleaners, each battling to make their product better than all the rest.

Gtech is one such company. Thousands across the UK have purchased their Multi-K9 vacuum cleaner since it recently hit the market.

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home, we therefore tested out the Gtech Multi-K9 and listed the key features of the product along with any disadvantages you might face when buying this product.

Product, Design and Compatibility

When it comes to the product design, the Multi-K9 weighs a formidable 1.5 kilograms, and it is neither too heavy nor too light. The cleaner is easy to carry and won’t strain your arms, but it isn’t too lightweight either and doesn’t feel cheap or fragile.

One of the primary features of the Gtech Multi-K9 is how compact it is. The vacuum cleaner’s dimensions are 38 x 12 x 24 cm. 

hands holding multi-k9

To put this into perspective, the Multi-K9 is compact and fits into a small closet, and there will still be enough space for other accessories. You can even take it with you if you are going on a road trip and easily store it in the trunk without sparing too much space.

You won’t have to worry about the battery running out if you do end up taking it with you while traveling – each four-hour charge provides 20 minutes of life. A decent-sized car will take four or five minutes to clean, and this means that each battery charge should be enough to clean your vehicle up to four times.

The next time you stop at a motel, you can remove the battery and get it charged from any nearby outlet.

It does not lack looks either and isn’t exactly a complete eyesore. It is a combination of green and black, an attractive mixture that will not make the vacuum stand out if left out in the open.

You may be wondering what exactly sets Gtech’s Multi-K9 apart from other similar vacuum cleaners.

First and foremost is brand authenticity. Gtech is a reputable company specializing in vacuum cleaners long enough to know what they’re doing. When buying products from Gtech, you also pay for the brand and the added benefits that come attached with it.

Gtech’s customer support is always ready to hear your problems and help you sort out any issues you might have with its vacuum cleaners. Another benefit is the warranty you get. If your product fails to perform for any reason, you can simply ask for an exchange or get your vacuum repaired.

Gtech Multi-K9 Features

The Multi-K9 vacuum cleaner has several qualities that make it especially worth buying. We have tested and provided detailed information about these.

female using attachment
  • Can be used on different surfaces

You can use the Multi-K9 on any surface. While its use is most common on carpet surfaces, it is not limited to these. It works just as well on hardwood floors or marble tiles, and you will end up with an equally clean floor no matter what surface it is.

  • Great for pet owners

The Multi-K9 specifically deals with house pets’ dust, grime, and hair. Gtech specifies their vacuum cleaner has been strengthened with aluminum components to make cleaning pet hair as hassle-free as possible. The hair that may not even be visible to you is quickly sucked up and leaves the place clean.

  • Can be used to clean unreachable spots

Stairs and crevices are challenging to clean with vacuum cleaners, but Gtech’s Multi-K9 makes this process stress-free. Its handheld, lightweight design allow you to go down each step and thoroughly clean each stair individually. The same goes for crevices. Its special attachments will enable you to handle dust in corners and other hard-to-reach places.

  • Can be used in cars and caravans

Do you have a love for travelling and cleaning? Then getting a Gtech Multi-K9 could be perfect for you. It is portable, which means you can use it in all kinds of vehicles, from the smallest of cars to the largest of caravans. The Multi-K9 can be easily stored and used when needed. You can even invest in another battery pack when using your cleaner for longer trips.

  • Conveniently used bin 

The Multi-K9 has a transparent front cover, allowing you to see how full the bin is and dispose of the contents accordingly. This is only required once in a while. The cleaner contains a 0.8-litre container, which can be used without disposal for up to 2-3 weeks, depending upon how frequently you clean. The clean-up process is also uncomplicated, and you do not have to open up the vacuum in any awkward way. The bin can simply be pulled out and emptied into the nearest dustbin.

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  • Suitable for people with children

Anyone with children knows how messy they can be. Pulling out the previous bulky vacuum cleaners with cords was not always ideal when you needed to quickly clean after the kids had dropped something or simply entered the house with shoes on. The Gtech Multi-K9 makes this process a lot easier. You can quickly grab the vacuum and clean up the dirt without having to drag it from the cupboard and search for the nearest plug socket.

  • Light attached on the front 

The Multi-K9 has a torch built-in to help see the cleaned areas. This light is particularly beneficial for people with pets, as their shed hair can be difficult to see. It is also convenient on dark carpets on which dust is not as visible as it would otherwise be.

  • Powerful suction

Another aspect where the Multi-K9 excels with other vacuum cleaners is its powerful suction. Cleaning up regular dust can be done quickly without spending large amounts of time on one area. You won’t have to go over a particular spot more than once for the cleaner to do its job.

Are there any drawbacks?

The biggest and only disadvantage we found in the Gtech Multi-K9 is its short battery span. If you are cleaning a large space and want to do it perfectly, 20 minutes just isn’t enough time to do so.

The battery takes about four hours to recharge, which is not exactly convenient when you have only conducted a fraction of the clean-up process.

The standard way to fix this would be to buy a second battery to lengthen the cleaning time, but this is not necessarily a feasible solution either, as a new battery costs almost £70. You could buy another Multi-K9 by adding a few more pounds for £120. 

Does it come with any add-ons?

k9 and accessories

The Gtech Multi-K9 comes with various attachments to make the product faster and more accessible. All of these are easy to attach.

Extension tube: Added to the box is a standard 36cm extension tube that can be attached to the front of the vacuum. This tube can help you clean the floors more conveniently without having to bend over in an uncomfortable position.

Dusting brush: An attachable dusting brush also comes with the Multi-K9. When cleaning cobwebs, simply attach this to the extension tube, and you can clear any dust and spider webs in corners and crevices.

Scented cartridges: Another great attachment that comes with each purchase of the Multi-K9 is the four scented cartridges. This add-on is convenient when guests come over and want your house to smell nice. You can also use these in vehicles by simply vacuuming the dust in the AC air vents of your car while a scented cartridge is attached. You can have your entire car filled with the scent.


The days of carrying bulky vacuum cleaners and desperately searching for a plug socket when you have to clean urgently are long gone. 

With Gtech Multi-K9, you get the best quality of products, guaranteed to serve you for years by the brand. If you end up facing issues, you can depend upon the customer service of Gtech to resolve them for you.

The Multi-K9 will have you cleaning a lot more. Its lightweight and compatible design mean you can easily pull it out each time you have made a mess on any kind of surface.

It is especially beneficial for owners of pets who shed a lot of hair. The Multi-K9 has been reinforced with aluminium to make sucking up any hair possible.

The added attachments also make using the vacuum as convenient as it can be. Simply add on the extension tube or the dusting brush, depending on what you are cleaning. You can also take it on a road trip to get your car cleaned in a matter of minutes. Overall, we think you will definitely be pleased with your purchase of the Gtech Multi-K9.

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