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Most Energy Efficient Washing Machines

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Today I will be looking at the most energy efficient washing machines your hard earned money can buy, in order to spend less of your hard earned money on energy bills.

Energy efficient appliances are becoming more and more prevalent at the moment – I refer to the ever-rising living costs quite a lot recently and now more than ever people are trying to find ways to cut costs – from using their washing machines later at night, to not using the dishwasher as much, or not putting their heating on for too long.

Unfortunately, when appliances break down or become too expensive to run, we have to find cheaper alternatives. Luckily, we are here to help – with energy efficient appliances seeming to be the way forward we wanted to give you a review of some of the most energy efficient washing machines on the market today.

According to studies, the average household can do between 1 and 3 loads of washing per week and over a year that equates to 50 to 150 loads per year. It’s no wonder people are keen to change their machines to more energy efficient ones.

Quick Verdict – Our No.1 Energy Efficient Model

machine with drum door open

The Bosch WGG24409GB is an A rated energy model with a competitive price tag that will appeal to most families and couples on a budget.

With its many features, the choice of colours and coming from a reputable company, this is our overall top choice when it comes to choosing an energy efficient washing machine that is suitable for the family.

Things to look out for when choosing an energy efficient washing machine

The market for household appliances is huge! Research can be a great thing though, if you know what you are looking for. So here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your next washing machine.

  • Choose a machine with a cooler setting – washing at a lower temperature will help you save on your energy bills. Most laundry loads are not absolutely filthy and generally don’t need a temperature over 30°c
  • Check the energy rating – these range from A to G – A being most efficient and G being the least. Ideally you want to go for A or B rated machines to get the most from your purchase
  • Choose your drum size wisely – varying sizes of washing machines can be a great thing. Some households might be larger than others therefore would probably accumulate more washing. If you are a smaller household, you may find a smaller drum capacity would be better suited and this may result in it being a bit cheaper to purchase and run
  • Check the settings it has – making sure you can wash a variety of fabrics is something that every household will benefit from

Now let’s get to the interesting bit, we have 6 of the best energy efficient washing machines below and we are sure one of these will be perfect for you.

Bosch WGG24409GB Washing Machine

machine with drum door open


Load Capacity: 9kg

Energy rating: A

Spin speed: 1400 RPM

Colour: White, silver or graphite

First up we give you a washing machine from well-known brand Bosch. The company was founded in 1886, with the first washing machine being produced in 1958. It’s safe to say they know what they are doing – this shows in their WGG24409GB model. Let’s take a look.

The machine comes with some great features. These include Super Quick 30 – meaning you can wash your laundry in as little at 30 minutes.

Active Water Plus – you will only use the amount of water needed for the current load thanks to the automatic load detection.

Time delay – you can make sure your laundry is ready to take out of the machine at the perfect time, avoiding the risk of having to rewash clothes that have been sitting in the drum for too long or your ironing time doubling because clothes are so creased.

Other features include a reload function, AntiStain, Eco Silence, and Anti-vibration sidewell.

You get the choice of three colours and with its aesthetic look being pleasing on the eye you will no doubt find the perfect one for your kitchen or utility room.

The machine comes in several sizes. The one we are reviewing is 9kg which would be suitable for a medium-large family, but this model can also be purchased with 7, 8, and 10kg drum capacities.

We also like the fact you can opt for extra services such as unpack in a specific room, unpack and appliance collection, or connect and appliance collection. These come at an extra cost but are worth considering if you are not confident with connecting your machine or cannot safely and correctly dispose of your old one.

The display screen on the front is sleek and the dial showing each cycle is easy to navigate.

The washing machine has been rated in the top tier of energy efficiency with its A rating making it a very resourceful and valuable addition to your home. You also have the option of a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Top Overall Pick

machine with drum door open

Bosch have done well here, and A rated model with a competitive price.

With its many features, the choice of colours and coming from a reputable company, this is a great start to our list of the most energy efficient washing machines.

Haier HW100-B14636N Washing Machine

front view of haier washing machine


Load Capacity: 10kg

Energy rating: A

Spin speed: 1400 RPM

Colour: Black and white

Next up we have a washing machine from Haier, a company that have been around since 1984, but only launched in the UK in 2007. Since then, they have become one of the fastest growing companies and are renowned worldwide for their state-of-the-art equipment.

The capacity of the drum is the highest on our list – at 10kg it means larger households will be able to do bigger loads instead of endless laundry piles. Just make sure you have someone on standby to do the ironing!

The machine is white with a black door and has an energy rating class A – at the highest end of the scale it helps to save energy and protect the environment so if you are trying to be a little more eco-friendly put the Haier washing machine on your list.

On the front of the machine you will find the detergent drawer as well as the LED display and easy to use dial.

As for the features – I have to admit it has some that I have not come across before so was intrigued to find out more. First up there is the direct motion motor which has a beltless motor meaning it is quieter than most on the market (perfect for those homes that are open plan living spaces) and is more energy saving.

It boasts an exclusive Haier material and an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) which protect your machine from bacteria that can build up in any hard-to-reach places such as the edges of the detergent drawer of crevices in the drum. This is such a useful feature to ensure your laundry is cleaned to the highest standard and with normal regular maintenance this machine will last you a long time.

With other functions such as a quick wash of 15 minutes, a start delay, and auto weight detection it is a real contender on the market today.

Again, you get the option to pay a little extra for unpacking, connection, and removal. Haier also mention the Climate Pledge Friendly (as do Bosch) which uses sustainability certifications to highlight products that support their commitment to help preserve the natural world – so if you are on an eco-friendly mission then you may want to look out for this when purchasing your next machine.

Ideal For Larger Families

front view of haier washing machine

With some unique features and an array of settings to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with this washing machine.

Haier are becoming more popular within households and it’s no wonder when they make appliances as good as this one.

Samsung Series 6 WW90T684DLN/S1 Washing Machine

front view of drum door and addwash door


Load Capacity: 10kg

Energy rating: A

Spin speed: 1400 RPM

Colour: Graphite or white

On to a brand now that we’re sure most people have heard of – Samsung. Whether you have bought gadgets or appliances during your adult life, or you’ve seen their name growing up as a child in your family home, they are well known all over the world and a very trusted company.

Samsung produced their first washing machine in 1974 and the first front load machine as we are all used to now was first made in 1997. Since then, they have been improving machine after machine and today we give you one of the sleekest looking models with an array of programmes and some brilliant features. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into it.

First of all, we have to admire the Series 6 – you can buy it in graphite or white (we’re looking at the graphite model today), and it is a stunning piece of equipment. Now looks aren’t everything are they, but if they were Samsung would win hands down.

You have the detergent drawer as standard, along with a silver dial and an LED display screen. Simply turn the dial until you see your desired cycle on the screen.

The door is black along with the AddWash door (more on that later), which really does compliment the graphite colour of the machine and the drum is 10kg which is perfect for a larger household.

It has an A energy rating and once again we see the Climate Pledge Friendly statement. So, what makes it different to the rest on this list? Let’s walk you through some of the Series 6 best features.

The machine uses EcoBubble technology – creating bubbles by mixing water, air and detergent, your clothes are washed at a lower temperature thus saving you money on your energy bills.

Smart Control + lets you control your washing habits from your phone by downloading the SmartThings app. From here you can set your programmes, receive notifications when your cycle has finished, as well as remembering your laundry habits and offering useful guides.

Earlier I mentioned the detergent drawer coming as standard – in terms of where it is placed. That is the only standard thing about it! The clever design of the Samsung washer allows you to fill up your detergent drawer and let the machine do the rest using its Auto Dose system.

Now to the good part! If you have ever put your laundry in the washing machine and started the programme, only to turn around and find a rogue sock on the floor you will understand the anguish of having to leave it in the washing basket until your next full load.

Hence why I am so excited about our next feature – AddWash. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found stray socks on the stairs, or my daughter has suddenly found her odd socks from underneath her bed just after I’ve started the cycle!

Now you don’t need to worry about that, with the separate opening on the front of the machine door, you can open it and add anything that has once tried to escape the wash. It is worth noting that you can only open the door when the temperature is under 50°c, but at any time during the programme you will be able to pop your missed pieces in with your other laundry.

Other features include drum clean+, stay clean drawer, hygiene steam, as well as settings such as quick wash, pre-wash, child lock and lots more.

Best Choice For Features

front view of drum door and addwash door

The Samsung washing machine has something for everyone. Being able to choose your programmes whether it be on the app or using the dial couldn’t be simpler.

Brilliant features and a modern look, you will be surprised at the price of this superb piece of kit.

Miele WSD323 Washing Machine

front view of miele washer


Load Capacity: 8kg

Energy rating: A

Spin speed: 1400 RPM

Colour: Lotus white

Miele is a German company who were founded in 1899 and launched in the UK in 1963. They have grown over time, and we are seeing more and more products from them. They produce both household appliances and commercial equipment.

Amongst their first production items were washing machines, so let’s take a look at how far they’ve come as we review their WSD323 model.

The aesthetics of this machine are nice, with smooth lines and an LED display screen it would fit nicely into your living space. The dial on the front is easy to read so you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing which cycle you need. The 8kg drum would suit a medium sized household.

Most importantly for our review of the most energy efficient washing machines, Miele have an energy rating A for this appliance and the Climate Pledge Friendly stamp accompanies this.

Speaking of energy efficiency – Miele have really thought about this meaning you can clean an average sized load in 49 minutes giving you a wash cycle that doesn’t compromise on cleanliness or freshness.

You can also benefit from the PowerWash 2.0 that this machine offers too. Using short spins throughout the cycle it doesn’t overuse water and can effectively use the right amount of detergent making it economically sound.

It has a noise level of 50dB which is very quiet, thanks to its ProfiEco Motor– you could quite easily have a cycle running while you eat dinner or entertain friends, without it drowning out your conversation.

Onto the settings and features now – it has 12 standard cycles including delicate, sports, and silk wash. You also get great features such as easy iron – who doesn’t love the thought of less creases in their laundry, not to mention the AddLoad function – that stray sock that always manages to escape and turns up mid cycle – thanks to this clever mode you can add any extra laundry during the wash cycle – we all know from the Samsung how much I love this!

Ideal For Medium Sized Families

front view of miele washer

With all these features, the Miele comes with a higher price tag. If you have the money to spend on an appliance, then this is a brilliant choice.

The features are cleverly built for this machine and the settings to choose from will ensure you have everything you need to keep your family’s laundry in great condition.

Hoover H-Wash 300 Washing Machine

machine in room with laundry


Load Capacity: 9kg

Energy rating: A

Spin speed: 1600 RPM

Colour: White and chrome

Hoover is another well-known brand. Founded in the United States in 1908 and having their company established in the UK as well as worldwide, it’s safe to say they are a trustworthy household name.

Sitting in the middle of our price range on this list, Hoover have given us a brilliant piece of equipment here. Let’s get the look of the machine out of the way and on to the exciting bit of tech it comes with!

Like most on this list, on the front of the washing machine you will find the detergent drawer which simply pulls out allowing you to fill it with your favourite powder and softener. Then you have the LED One Touch screen (which we will get on to shortly) and the dial that allows you to easily select the programme you require.

The H-Wash 300 washing machine comes in sleek white with a chrome door, giving it a modern touch and will not look out of place in most homes.

Now, if you’re into gadgets or love a bit of tech, then you’re in the right place – Hoover have gone that little bit further by giving us the option to connect to their Hoover Wizard app. By downloading the app on your smartphone you can start cycles at your convenience, find additional programmes and run diagnostic health checks to make sure your machine is running to its fullest potential.

If you place your phone near the One Touch logo (found on the front of the machine) it will give you the ability to view your appliance usage. Other useful features of the app include setting reminders, customer support and guides, and help choosing the correct programme.

Standard features such as rapid wash settings (44, 30, and 14 minutes), steam function, and KG mode which weighs the load and adjusts the cycle time and water consumption saving you unnecessary energy usage, make this a great contender on our list.

Top Pick For Busy Homes

machine in room with laundry

For the price of this machine, we think it’s a brilliant appliance.

You also get the options of unpack in room of choice, unpack and appliance collection, or connect and appliance collection for an additional cost.

Cater-Wash CK8710 Washing Machine

front view of cater-wash


Load Capacity: 10kg

Energy rating: B

Spin speed: 1500 RPM

Colour: White and black

A slightly different spec now from a brand I am unfamiliar with. But let’s take a look and see how it fairs against the rest on our list.

Their washing machine is energy rated B, and while it’s lower than the others on here it’s still a good rating in terms of efficiency.

The 10kg drum is a great size for larger households, or in my experience families with teenage girls who think an outfit that’s been worn for 15 minutes of the day classes as dirty! Whatever the need for a larger drum – this machine has you covered.

The drum is a honeycomb design which helps to protect your clothes from any pulls or snags, even on the highest setting. With its black door against the white of the machine it will fit easily with your décor or preferred room in your home.

On the front of the Cater-Wash CK8710 you will find the detergent drawer and the dial with all the cycles on. Simply turn the dial to the setting you need for your load. There is also a child lock feature to avoid interruptions to the cycle.

Now onto the features – I was impressed how many there actually are. Let’s run through a few.

The quick wash setting takes just 15 minutes which is ideal for those loads that aren’t heavily soiled or you’re in a rush to get the chores done. Pre-wash and extra rinse settings are always useful, and the spin speeds and temperature selections give you ample choices depending on your laundry type.

One feature I especially love is My Cycle which lets you save your favourite washing programme – this is a great idea because it means any member of the family can operate the washer (one less job for you to remember!).

Drum clean allows you to keep your washing machine in optimum working order – use this setting with an empty drum to keep it fresh.

Best For Those On A Budget

front view of cater-wash

With a wide choice of standard settings including wool, bed linen, baby care, as well as some useful features and a price that is the cheapest on our list, we’d recommend you give this some serious thought.


We hope we have given you an insight into some of the most energy efficient washing machines that are available today.

The selection is varied and there is a price for everyone. We have included machines from as little as under £400 right up to the larger end of the scale at over £1,000.

Whatever your choice, you should be able to make it a little easier after reading this guide and you will be on your way to saving energy and money, helping the environment, and keeping your laundry clean for your household.

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Meet our reviewer – Michelle Vernon

Michelle is one of the lead writers at Washing Check and also holds an editor role. She is a busy parent who understands the needs of daily domestic life and the challenges it can bring.

She genuinely loves cleaning products and equipment, which although is quite strange to many, is a blessing to us here at Washing Check.