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Quietest Dishwashers UK

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With open living spaces now being the in-thing of modern homes, it is no wonder noise concern is the one of the biggest factors when choosing a dishwasher. Your guests will not appreciate having to talk over the whooshing and rumbling of an old dishwasher and we’re sure you won’t enjoy the noise after a long day at work.

So, before we delve into our list of some of the quietest dishwashers on the UK market, take a look at what we found out from our research.

Most dishwashers before 2010 operate at 60 dB; this noise level is about the same as a normal conversation. Thus, the dishwasher noise is loud enough to disrupt your chatter in the other room. 

At 50 dB, a dishwasher cuts the noise level of 60 dB significantly. Impressive, right? However, it is not nearly as quiet as 44 dB, which we found was the sweet spot for many people looking for the quietest dishwasher in the UK in 2022. 

We have established that 44 dB is about as quiet as you want in an affordable, quiet dishwasher. Moreover, anything above that may be too much unless you are very discerning of noise. If that is what you want, getting a 39 dB dishwasher is viable as it is the lowest noise level available in a dishwasher. 

Our Top 5 Quietest Dishwashers

1. Bosch SMS67MW00G Serie 6

image of bosch dishwasher


Dimensions: 84.5cm(h) x 59.8cm(w) x 55cm(l)

Colour: White

Noise Level: 44 dB

Settings: 7 programmes

We kick things off with this offering from Bosch. The SMS67MW00G Serie 6 is the number one choice for those who cannot tolerate a racket – who wants to listen to the sound of rumbling dishes of an evening?

This dishwasher boasts many five-star reviews since it hosts various programmes, a simple interface, and exciting tech.

As we have mentioned, a low noise level is one of the most desirable features of any dishwasher and Bosch have given us a great start to our list. Its 42 dB to 45 dB SuperSilence programme produces noise similar to light rain. Being way below conversational level, you may feel the urge to check if it is working or switched on. 



  • App allows remote control
  • AutoDose technology saves on detergent use
  • Offers 14 settings
  • Uses cleaver steam drying
  • Responsive touch button controls
  • Low electricity running expenses
  • Upper rack can be challenging to load
  • Tough cleaning is better on tablet detergent than auto-dosing detergent

This machine has three levels. The cutlery basket at the top adds a nice touch since it provides extra room in the lower section. However, we noticed that loading the knives and forks takes more time. You can fit in delicate dishes in the middle section and use the standard cleaning mode. 

You can change the settings to “Glass”, crank it up to 40°C and fit tall wine glasses in the bottom basket. As such, they will receive gentle cleaning and drying, so you will never have to deal with streaks. 

Bosch SMS67MW00G has lots of other impressive programmes. The Hygiene+ is particularly thoughtful as it is essential in a home with kids or anyone who has allergies. Thus, the setting gives a hotter and longer final rinse to catch any bacteria that went unscathed during cleaning. 

Other features to look forward to are Bosch’s Rackmatic adjustable baskets that allow easy adjustments after you load the dishwasher. Not to mention, PerfectDry uses Zeolith minerals and 3D airflow to make those plastic dishes dry more efficiently than they would on a regular dishwasher cycle.

Top Overall Pick

image of bosch dishwasher

With 7 programmes and 6 different temperatures, you can be sure to find a setting that is just right for your needs.

Overall, Bosch SMS67MW00G is a functional unit for a high spec machine without going over your budget. 

2. Miele G5430SC Freestanding Slimline

open dishwasher showing basket


Dimensions: 80.5cm(h) x 44.8cm(w) x 57cm(l)

Colour: White

Noise Level: 46 dB

Settings: 7 programmes

Miele is a high-end German brand in terms of features and price. Every part is made in Europe, so rest assured that all parts are durable.

Having been around for about a century, Miele is for the user who is passionate about design, quality, technology, and convenience. 

Although you will pay more than other freestanding dishwashers, Miele G5430SC offers many ways to save on monthly bills. The most notable feature is that it uses only six litres of water to clean many dishes, thanks to its EcoPower Technology. This system uses an innovative water feed mechanism that allows washing with less water.

With its Residual Heat Technology, this dishwasher will use the warmth it builds up during washing to dry the dishes automatically. Furthermore, it can connect to hot water at up to 600°C, saving up to 50% electricity.

With efficiency in mind, you can programme this appliance to start washing up to 24 hours in advance, giving you the advantage of using cheap electricity tariffs. 



  • Can be installed in any convenient location
  • Multiple washing programmes
  • Automatic wash cleans in 58 minutes
  • Time saver option
  • Lacks top control options
  • Bottom rack keeps sliding

Looking at the noise level, you will appreciate that it is barely audible. The highest is only 46 dB, but it can lower down to 41 dB. As such, there is no need to talk over the noise of clanging utensils. 

Another likeable feature is that this dishwasher does not need to go under the countertop. As long as you have a connection to water and drainage, it is good to go.

 It has seven place settings with three secure and versatile baskets, allowing you to adjust the top rack. Furthermore, it utilises the original Miele rack design, so much so that all cutlery items will never touch each other to facilitate the proper removal of food deposits and perfect drying. 

Miele G5430SC removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It also has a child safety lock to prevent curious hands from opening the dishwasher, whether running a cycle or not.

Nevertheless, you will never find yourself getting hassled with a door that does not open or close smoothly. This machine offers a ComfortClose mechanism that allows the door to stay open in any position.  The settings are easy to select with the touch of a button. You will do this on a straight fascia control panel. Miele has a three-digit seven-segment display in yellow, and it is pretty easy to see in the dark. You will also see how much time is left on a programme on the countdown indicator.

Great For Energy Effeciency

open dishwasher showing basket

If you’re looking for a smooth operating and quiet dishwasher, the Miele is the one for you.

With child safety features, reduced load, and a hot water function – you can enjoy the benefits of using this appliance while keeping your energy costs low.

3. Beko Pro AutoDose DEN59420DG

full load in beko dishwasher


Dimensions: 85cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(l)

Colour: Anthracite

Noise Level: 44 dB

Settings: 14 programmes

Next on our list is the Beko Pro AutoDose. It is a sophisticated dishwasher for the customer who wants bristling intelligent features, for instance you can control this machine remotely thanks to its Wi-Fi compatibility, meaning you will be able to start the cycle even when you’re not in the kitchen. 

Beko Pro AutoDose is an unusually sleek machine that comes in three finishes: Stainless-steel, Anthracite black, and Graphite Grey. The stainless-steel finish is a very popular choice as it is glossy and fits in well with the modern kitchen. 

This machine is within the quiet range at only 44 dB, so it is never loud, even if it is fully loaded. It is spacious enough for a medium-sized family and has many slots in the basket to cater to all dish shapes. You get a fully flexible upper rack that allows you to adjust the position in three heights. 

The upper rack consists of tines, flip-down trays, and angled racks for mugs, glasses, and bowls. The middle rack takes all the delicate stuff, while you can use the bottom rack for pots and pans. This rack also has a traditional cutlery basket.



  • App allows remote control
  • AutoDose technology saves on detergent use
  • Offers 14 settings
  • Uses cleaver steam drying
  • Responsive touch button controls
  • Low electricity running expenses
  • Upper rack can be challenging to load
  • Tough cleaning is better on tablet detergent than auto-dosing detergent

The bottom rack applies AquaIntense technology to deliver a high-pressure wash using an extra spray arm to remove stuck-on stains like baked-on food. 

There are nine programmes in this dishwasher. These include an automatic setting that cleans utensils according to the load and dirt level. On the quick programme, dishes get clean in only 58 minutes. This feature makes it convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule. 

AutoDose is Beko Pro’s selling point. This unique feature senses how dirty the dishes are and automatically dispenses the right amount of cleaning detergent. The unit uses sensors to detect the dirt levels.

We also like that it lets you set automatic detergent reordering on the app, so you will never run out of dishwasher detergent. 

Looking at the Beko HomeWhizz app, you might need some help setting it up. However, once you get the feel of it, you can monitor cycles and download programmes wherever you are. Not to mention, you can set up Alexa voice commands; all you have to do is set it up from your phone.


Ideal Choice For Busy Families

full load in beko dishwasher

The Beko Pro AutoDose is an excellent choice for busy households or those short on time, with a quick wash of only 30 minutes, you won’t have to wait too long to get your dining set sparkling.

If you love a bit of tech, then this is perfect – with the option to start your dishwasher whenever you need to from the touch of your phone, you can have everything clean for when you need it.

4. Bosch Series 6 SMS6EDI02G Wi-Fi

front of bosch dishwasher


Dimensions: 84.5cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 60cm(l)

Colour: Stainless Steel

Noise Level: 46 dB

Settings: 13 programmes

Bosch is a world-renowned home appliances manufacturer. While our top choice is available on a budget, the Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDI02G is a mid-range option with Wi-Fi capabilities. This unit is packed with innovative features to help get the dishes sparkling with no effort. 

This Bosch model has 13 place settings, so you will find it helpful in a home with more than a few dirty dishes. It comes with three baskets where the upper basket provides extra room for small utensils, flat bowls and measuring cups. This basket also includes a movable knife tray to increase loading capacity. 

Some of the features that we like on this dishwasher are the ActiveWater Technology and SpeedPerfect+. Remarkably, the SpeedPerfect+ function adjusts the settings to shorten the wash cycle while the cleaning results are as good as ever. 



  • EfficientDry cools down dishes gently
  • Supports Amazon Alexa
  • Includes a favourite function for shortcuts
  • Easy programme selection on LED Panel
  • Does not dry plastics well

Furthermore, ActiveWater Technology uses innovative rinsing to maximise efficiency. The cleaning results save water and energy through targeted water distribution and optimised filter technology.

How silent is this model? Well, Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDI02G operates at only 46 dB. However, this noise level can go to the lowest minimum using the Silence Programme. This feature reduces the spray pressure and extends the cleaning phase.

Additionally, you can put those really dirty dishes in the Extra Clean Zone, where three rotating jets will be waiting to hit those difficult stains with high pressure and high temperature to get the stains off.

You will have lots of features to pick from the LED control panel. The “Favourite” functions save a combination of settings and store downloaded programmes, so you do not have to keep scrolling through menus.

You get to control this dishwasher on the Home Connect App. This application allows you to see the best tips and tricks for using this unit. In addition, it has a tab counter that keeps track of the detergent consumption and informs you when to order more. 

Ideal For Those Short On Time

front of bosch dishwasher

Using the SpeedPerfect+ feature you’ll never have to wait around for your dishes again. Perfect if you are hosting a dinner party and need to get things clean in between courses.

With Wi-Fi functions and an aesthetically pleasing look, you can be sure the Bosch dishwasher will fit into your household perfectly.

5. Hisense HS661C60WUK

open dishwasher in kitchen


Dimensions: 84.8cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 59.6cm(l)

Colour: White

Noise Level: 42 dB

Settings: 16 programmes

If your family produces lots of dishes or you have a large household, you will love using the Hisense HS661C60WUK. This model boasts 16 place settings. As such, you will have enough room for all your dishes in one load.

Thanks to all the available space and baskets, it reduces the time and effort you need to wash everything up. 

The most remarkable thing about this dishwasher is that you can reconfigure the interior as you see fit. For example, you only need to fold the plate rack down if you need extra space for oversized pots and pans on the bottom rack. 



  • Ergonomic cutlery basket
  • Glassware setting
  • Quiet
  • Interior can be reconfigured
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Does not have an interior light

Are you preparing a multiple course meal for entertainment? The 15-min Quick Wash cycle will have the dinner plates ready in the time it takes to set the table.

For even more convenience, everything comes out dry and ready to store away owing to the Auto Dry Cycle. Gone are the days where you have to dry everything that comes out of the dishwasher – we can think of much better ways to spend our time!

The Auto Dry Cycle opens the door slightly after the end of the programme. This process lets out humidity and allows fresh air to get inside. As a result, dishes dry completely. In addition, it is way more hygienic and quicker than the conventional drying cycle. 

Hisense HS661C60WUK has five programmes. All five have different temperature settings for various cleaning needs. The 60-minute cycle runs at 600°C, the Eco programme runs at 500°C, and the Intensive runs at 700°C. This cycle is ideal when you have stuck on stains that need high temperature and extra pressure. 

Did we tell you that Hisense HS661C60WUK operates at 42 dB? Yes, this machine will not interrupt movie time or disturb an open plan living space.

With its additional features, you can run it at any time of the day. As such, you do not have to worry about rattling dishes when the baby is sleeping in the other room. 

Top Pick For Convenience

open dishwasher in kitchen

If you want the ease of cleaning all your utensils and crockery in one load, then the Hisense dishwasher is definitely one to consider.

Quick wash features, quiet and a number of settings, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Buyer’s Guide

Cleaning up after an incredible meal is such a chore. Add that to the noise from a loud dishwasher, and your evenings could not get any worse. So if you are ready to start enjoying a quiet evening, you will want to choose a quiet dishwasher. 

These are the key features when picking the quietest dishwasher in 2021: 

  • Dishwasher Decibel Rating (dBA)

dBA stands for A-weighted decibels, and it measures how loud something is to the human ear. When it comes to quiet dishwashers, you will want a unit well below normal conversation, 60 dB and below. However, some people find that 50 dB is still considerably loud.

That is why experts recommend a dishwasher that is at least 44 dB to experience a low-humming appliance. Still, you can get a model running at 38 dB – this sound level is considered the quietest in dishwashers. 

  • Tub Material 

The tub materials indicate how noisy a machine will be without reading the noise rating. Dishwashers with a stainless-steel tub are quieter than those with a plastic tub. It is also good to look for sound-dampening features such as exterior insulation.

  • Water Movement System 

Dishwashers pump water throughout the unit, and this process produces noise depending on the mechanism of the machine. As a result, manufacturers are using innovative wash cycles that reduce the amount of speed and force while still maintaining optimum results.

  • Disposal Feature 

Dishwashers that use food disposals tend to be noisier than those that use a food trap system. It is due to the food disposal using chopper blades that create a humming noise when food goes through it. On the other hand, a food trap system uses a filter and a rubber trap to prevent the food from blocking the drainage. All you need to do is clean the trap regularly. 

  • Place Settings 

It is essential to choose a dishwasher that fits your family’s needs. That is where place settings come in handy, and most dishwashers have 12 to 16 place settings. A medium household will appreciate 12 to14 place settings, while large families will do well with 16 place settings. 


1. What makes a dishwasher loud or quiet?

Many factors determine the noise level in a dishwasher. Some things that make the dishwasher loud include water movement through the pump and into other parts. The water cleans the dishes and splashes off surfaces like the tubs and plates, creating noise. 

More people choose quiet dishwashers, especially those living in an apartment or shared space. As a result, manufacturers have developed more silent pump systems and shorter cycles and insulation to make dishwashers run more quietly than previous models. 

2. Why does a quiet dishwasher start making noise?

Increasing noise levels in a quiet dishwasher can start after a malfunction, and it can happen abruptly or gradually over time. It is quite a hassle, especially if you are used to a dishwasher running silently. Thus, instead of waiting for it to fail, it is best to call a repair guy to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Some of the usual suspects of a noisy dishwasher are faulty pumps. A dishwasher has several pumps that perform different jobs. For example, a drain pump may develop a problem, and it will turn out noisy, mainly because food is trapped in the system. 

The circulation pump may also produce loud noises, indicating its imminent failure. Other sources of a noisy dishwasher include the drain impeller, wash impeller, and water inlet valve.

3. How long can you leave dishes in a dishwasher before washing?

It is advisable to start a wash cycle after loading the dishwasher. Bacteria begin to form wherever there is dirt. As a result, the longest you can have dirty dishes in a dishwasher is four days. After which, it will start to stink, and the bacteria will spread to other areas in your kitchen.

4. Should you rinse dishes before loading them onto the dishwasher?

The idea of rinsing dishes before loading them onto the dishwasher stems from the fear of having partially cleaned utensils after a cycle. While you need to do this with older dishwashers, you no longer need to do so with a modern dishwasher.

It is all thanks to their soil sensors that allow detection of dirt levels in a utensil and the application of the required pressure and temperature to remove hardened stains and grime. 

5. Is a smart dishwasher worth it?

Smart dishwashers may not load the dishes for you, but they are more technologically advanced than standard dishwashers. Apart from reminding you to add dishwashing detergent, they also address food particles redepositing on dishes.

Smart dishwashers have programmes that allow you to run them despite your absence. It does not matter what you are doing, where you are, or what time you need it to run. 


Having the quietest dishwasher is convenient after a great meal. Go on and relax, have a glass of wine, and watch a movie without listening to the humming and whooshing of the dishwasher. The best quietest dishwashers not only have a silent inverter compressor motor but also employs quiet pump systems with minimal vibrations. 

The above five dishwashers are the quietest, with Bosch and Miele emerging as top choices for impressive features. Whichever model you choose, know that none operates at above 46 dB.  You can be sure to have a peaceful home by selecting one of the quietest dishwashers in the UK.

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