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Where To Buy Hydrogen Peroxide

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With more and more people turning their hands to producing their own cleaning products, there are so many hints, tips, and hacks popping up all over the place. In a bid to be more environmentally friendly, as well as being safer for your family’s health, body and skin, people are ditching the harsher chemicals, that while may be convenient can be a lot more expensive in the long run, and tougher for your family’s needs.

With the internet being the go-to place, with social media a very popular way to get such techniques, we thought it only right to help you out with one chemical in particular – Hydrogen Peroxide.

But what exactly is this product that people are having trouble getting their hands on? Before we let you in on a few that are currently selling on the market and where to buy them, let’s delve a little deeper and answer those all-important questions before you decide whether this product will meet your needs.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a product that can be used in a number of ways, but has made it onto our site as, you’ve guessed it, a versatile cleaning agent. We love these kinds of chemicals that have multiple uses and this one definitely has a lot to offer in terms of keeping your home clean and fresh.

A chemical compound with the formula H2O2 – made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms – it has properties that make it perfect for functioning as a bleaching and disinfectant agent.

For household use, the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide is between 3 and 6%. This is the safety guideline for using it in the home, although it is worth taking into consideration any members of the family who may suffer from allergies or sensitive skin. We found the 3% concentrate to be more than enough for our household needs.

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

There are a lot of uses for Hydrogen Peroxide around the home, much more than we’ve listed here – you’ll be surprised how many things you can clean with it. And that’s what we love here at Washing Check – finding a versatile product that is safe, eco-friendly, affordable and kind to your family. Below we give you some of the ways you can use Hydrogen Peroxide to help maintain a fresh and clean home.

  • Cleaning toilets – Pour half a cup into your toilet and leave for around 20 to 30 minutes. You can then give it a quick scrub to lift any stubborn stains, and flush. Your toilet will be clean and sanitised with minimal effort.
  • Wiping kitchen surfaces – Transferring Hydrogen Peroxide into a spray bottle will make it much easier to reach all the areas of your worktops, giving your kitchen a fresh and clean look.
  • Cleaning bins – Because it is a disinfectant, you can stop the risk of bad odours or bacteria spreading from an unclean bin (one of the things that often get forgotten about). Spraying it will reach into the corners, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe over with a clean cloth.

Sinks – Use Hydrogen Peroxide to get your sink sparkling again. Simply spray, wait a couple of minutes, and wipe. It really is that easy with brilliant results.

Other uses include cleaning chopping boards, toys, as a pre-treatment for your laundry, windows, and so many more. Because it is non-toxic and safe to use on a plethora of your household surfaces and items, it means you don’t have to buy all the latest sprays, bleaches and chemicals, but rather rely on one product that is versatile and get the job done with minimal effort – now who doesn’t love the thought of easier cleaning!

Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide from?

Even though we’ve stated above that Hydrogen Peroxide is safe to use within our homes, it can unfortunately be used for purposes other than it is intended for, which means it is not always possible to grab it off the shelf along with your weekly supermarket shop.

If you are not a huge fan of online shopping then you may be lucky and find it at a hardware store or even your local chemist. But it is easier to buy it online, and this also means you may save yourself a bit of money in the long run if you buy in bulk or choose larger bottles. You can always ask someone to help you if you are not the most confident online shopper.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the products that are on the market to get you started.

McKLords Hydrogen Peroxide

McKLords products are manufactured, bottled, and labelled in the UK and are proud to be a part of the Made in Britain organisation.

mcklords spray bottle

This solution comes in a handy spray bottle which means you don’t have to worry about spillages. The Hydrogen Peroxide simply disperses evenly over your desired area, so you get full coverage and easy cleaning.

For peace of mind, you can turn the nozzle so it will lock when not in use, this means that even if it got into the wrong hands (little ones always seem to gravitate towards the cupboards they’re not supposed to!), the chances of them being able to spray the bottle and come into contact with the solution is minimal. However, we would always recommend that any products and chemicals are kept on a high shelf or in a locked cupboard.

Because it is a strength of 3% it makes it safe enough to use for a variety of household cleaning tasks. To ensure it is suitable though, we’d advise you to do a test patch before full use.

Trade Chemicals Hydrogen Peroxide

trade chemicals bottle with yellow top

Having over 10 years of experience, this company gives the reassurance of a trusted product. It is non toxic and free from chemical preservatives making it the ideal choice for those that may have sensitive skin. We would still recommend wearing protective gloves when cleaning with this product.

You can use it to clean surfaces, keep mould and mildew at bay, keep fungus off your house plants, to name just a few. It can also be used as a disinfectant and to sanitize any surfaces that get a lot of contact – at 3% volume it is safe for your family too.

With its general home use, good reviews and being the cheapest we’ve found today, this Hydrogen Peroxide is definitely worth considering.

Sanitirex Protect Hydrogen Peroxide

Lastly, we give you a 3% solution from Sanitirex Protect. You get a 1 litre bottle for under £9.00 which is a great price. This is especially useful if you have a larger or busy household.

1 litre hydrogen peroxide container with handle

It has a lemon scent which is good to know – sometimes products like this either have no scent at all or leave your home smelling too overwhelming, so it’s nice to have something which leaves your rooms smelling as fresh as they look.

Again, another product that is made in the UK, giving you a cleaning agent that will protect you from bacteria, mould, and viruses. You can use it as a disinfectant for your worktops or as a bleaching agent for your toilet. It has so many uses for your home, it is well worth the money.


As with all new products that you buy for your home, it is always recommended to test it before you decide to use it all over your household. Factors such as sensitive skin, allergies, or the material of whatever needs cleaning may all play a part in how much, if at all, you can use certain products.

We would also recommend wearing protective gloves when using any chemicals too. You really can never be too careful, especially with products you are not familiar with.

Apart from those things to think about, you’re good to go – we’ve given you the knowledge and some brands that are easily available online. The hardest part will be deciding what to clean first with your new versatile cleaning product.

We’re sure you will love using it as much as we did and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Hydrogen Peroxide is capable of.

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She genuinely loves cleaning products and equipment, which although is quite strange to many, is a blessing to us here at Washing Check.